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Ежик   (2001-11-08 09:52) [0]

People-and-and-and! Such a problem. When you connect the LAN, the Internet connection starts to fail, i.e. the Internet just hangs, and it’s working for five minutes, then it’s silent for two minutes, and then it starts working again. What can be wrong?

Nest   (2001-11-08 10:23) [1]

1. Who installed the network "in-house"?
2.What for the network?
3. What channel on the Internet?
4. How is the output (proxy, etc.) implemented?
5.What does it mean "When connecting a LAN"?
6. What does "silent" mean?

Try when "silent" to ping with a remote host on the Internet and with neighboring machines in LAN.
Maybe you have a lokalka just zapara.

Besa   (2001-11-08 10:42) [2]

+ Nest
7. how many users per channel?
8. gateways are registered?
9. lokalka on a "smart" switch?
10. Is a router used and which one?
11. to the provider how is the channel organized?

Ежик   (2001-11-08 10:57) [3]

In short, I didn’t set the LAN! I inherited it, but before me they say it worked well. Since this school year, parks have begun.
1. I did not install.
2. Twisted pair.
3. Leased line 256к.
4. Stands on a WinGate 4.1 server
5. When local machines connect, problems begin.
6.Ping is on, but there is no connection!
7.11 users.
8. Everything is spelled out.

panov   (2001-11-08 11:01) [4]

I think it’s difficult to help you “remotely”.

Nest   (2001-11-08 11:51) [5]

I agree with panov ©.
Either call a friend of the fumbling and put him a beer, or take books and read.

Besa   (2001-11-08 12:23) [6]

> Leased line 256к.
is it up to the provider?

Is the Unix machine online?
if there is - that is, what tcpdump program is there, you can see the packet life on the network.
I checked the subnet mask, or maybe your machine sends a broadcast request across the network ...

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