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Development of a specific project against the competition program. Find similar branches

panov   (2001-11-08 18:34) [0]

There is a specific project that hangs in my order of 4 years. Do not reach the hands and time is not enough.
> Oleg Gashev.
We have already communicated with you, but I am very busy.

I feel that this project, if I raise it, it will be developed in the order of 4-5 years. Who will need it after so many years?

I suggest everyone to come together to write this project.

Prerequisites for attendance:

1. All sites of this kind are paid, or they do not meet the requirements described below.

2. Another way to express yourself through the Internet.

3. I personally love to play such games.

4. Like FreeBSD, this project can become OpenSource for everyone and be a model for learning DELPHI programming (for example).


The client and server part of the game server,

Andrews   (2001-11-08 18:49) [1]

Type Ultima ON-LINE?

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-08 19:47) [2]

> panov
Unfortunately, my hands do not reach everything. Prepared Ecw Chess Viewer Beta version 1.0.3 for publication.

A few words about the proposed project.
All game servers can be divided into two types. The first type of server is a server that does NOT require the installation of a user program that is required to connect to the server and the game. These servers, for example, include the Yahoo server. The second type of server requires the installation of some program. Almost all chess game servers work like this. The second type I consider the most acceptable with only one reservation. The ability to play online as a connection to the server and directly to the player. Therefore, I want to propose to implement the second type of servers.

Regards, Oleg.

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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