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How do programmers rest? And when? Find similar branches

nikols   (2001-11-01 16:03) [0]

For example, on Friday night, I have billiards ...

McSimm   (2001-11-01 16:10) [1]

I have two children

Nest   (2001-11-01 16:11) [2]

I usually after work just with friends beer love to drink, breathe the air ...
Of course, it would be nice to go to a thread and relax there, but only in all kinds of "institutions" are the "twists" commanding, and there is no rest to go there without ties. You will find a reason to become attached to it.
Yes, and pay a lot for the entrance ...

nikols   (2001-11-01 16:19) [3]

Well, I also have five years baby ...

Eduard   (2001-11-01 16:30) [4]

> Nest
What cool, what scumbags? Do not slander our glorious city and go to plump in the "Sport", for example.

Jey   (2001-11-01 16:35) [5]

I also love billiards. And drink beer in the process ...

nikols   (2001-11-01 16:38) [6]

But what about billiards without beer? We already have a tradition ...

fliz   (2001-11-01 16:39) [7]

I can not without adrenaline.
In the summer on a mountain bike, I constantly take off.
winter skiing on weekends.
and in the fall it is hard, it remains only with the beloved
walk. or learn MS-SQL at home :))

-=Crazy Fish=-   (2001-11-01 17:09) [8]

I love to go on nature: mushrooms, fishing, kebabs. Best resting away from the city and work. But lately there is almost no time for rest. You can, of course, play billiards in any club, I like to listen to live rock and roll a beer.

nikols   (2001-11-01 17:16) [9]

If there were mountains nearby, I would also try. And probably Oracle is better to learn :)

Donal   (2001-11-01 17:27) [10]

and I rest at the computer :-))))
Somehow a programmer went on vacation at sea ... He walks along the beach, sees a beautiful girl sunbathes. Decided to meet, suitable:
- Girl, can I meet you?
- Hmm .. but tell me, who are you by profession?
- Programmer ...
- Then imagine, you have a vacation, and there are computers, computers, computers ...
- KAYF !!!

fliz   (2001-11-01 17:27) [11]

Ponte in me is more than knowledge. Hobby progit only
recently transferred to work, before Orakla
Not enough. I think for learning SQL and melkosofta enough.

it is a pity that you are not in Moscow, right now I am picking up the crowd for the winter
slowly :))

fliz   (2001-11-01 17:30) [12]


-Do you satisfy the work of the progre?
- Yes!
-why do you think so?
- I come home, the beautiful wife wants me, and me
niichi already do not need, just eat and sleep.
So _ satisfied_

not funny.

nikols   (2001-11-01 17:40) [13]

And I'm near ... Just an hour, but depending on how you hang out ... and so the wife does not see ...

fliz   (2001-11-01 17:57) [14]

knock me in asya. 95795425.

Никто   (2001-11-02 04:01) [15]

And I, in comparison with McSimm, also have two dogs and a cat. And they all want to eat. I got sick today, so I rested. After a couple of phone calls - no longer bothered. What will happen tomorrow - I do not know.

rsmike   (2001-11-02 09:50) [16]

Every evening for a couple of bottles of beer. Sometimes bowling. Sometimes girls. Sometimes vodka with friends. In winter, snowboard, summer tourism.

ghg   (2001-11-03 11:41) [17]

And I love basketball!

lun   (2001-11-03 11:45) [18]

Here I had a hard drinking on the 3 of the day, Wait, I begin to leave the pawing .....

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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Update icons

2001-10-31 15:21
And also, how to limit the plane of the mouse movement to the shape borders?

2001-12-18 13:03
The component is not drawn, and that's it ...

2001-12-19 16:35
MDI Application ???

Oleg Gashev
2001-12-15 11:14
Problem with the size of the image when printing

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