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And again about Lamer;) Find similar branches

Nemeis   (2001-11-07 14:08) [0]

Joke. It can clarify the original Russian question of the Lamers.
“The difference between Lamer and Hacker.”
- The hacker picks up the password the third time, and Lamer gaining from the fifth

Дремучий   (2001-11-07 15:58) [1]

2 Nemeis
In defense of the Lamers%
I see they too are having fun ...

evgeg   (2001-11-07 18:56) [2]

All ignorant, but in different areas.
(c) Murphy's Laws

РУС   (2001-11-07 19:31) [3]

Honestly, over time I began to relate to lamers as a synonym, because I was one of them too. Yes, and you all too! And I don’t need to fill it in here, they say I’m from birth a cool hacker!

Vadim   (2001-11-07 20:48) [4]

As the classic said, "there is no such person from whom I could not at least learn something." Turning to Lamer disrespectfully, it is worth bearing in mind that he can be, for example, a very respected mathematician (or a cool boxer :)).

Феликс   (2001-11-07 20:55) [5]

I agree with Vadim ©. And about the boxer, this is generally a story from my life. In addition, this sounds extremely disrespectful to other people, and this is not very well known. Therefore, it is thought that if you do not want to help, in your opinion, the "lamer" do not help, but you don’t need to insult either!

SV   (2001-11-07 21:59) [6]

Studying, studying and studying;)
By the way, it is necessary to treat lamers with patience (as in the advertisement of IL)
|; | -)

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-07 23:57) [7]

The lamer comes to the hacker and says, look at my preogram, it doesn’t work, what’s the problem. A hacker responds in DNA.

Darker   (2001-11-08 06:46) [8]

Lamer delves into the system. Some kind of malfunction. Starts fruitlessly
turn on, on, off on, off on ...
a seasoned hacker and obsessively remarks: "You do not understand the system well -
don’t fix it for you. "With these words he turns off, on,
and the system is fixed.

Dima-k17   (2001-11-08 09:32) [9]

In general, the lamer is a kind of discrimination :)) It translates as "almost lame" and all that. Why offend people by telling them that they are dumb and do not understand anything?

Kapusto   (2001-11-08 09:33) [10]

Listen, why is there such a substitution of concepts? Why are "all" beginners referred to as "lamers"? After all, if I’m not mistaken, initially they included _only_ those beginners who were too self-confident in the volume of their knowledge, and bent their fingers, posing as cool ...

Knight   (2001-11-08 09:55) [11]

And I heard that the "arrogant" knowers belong to the lamers ...

Nemesis   (2001-11-08 09:58) [12]

to all
Yesterday it seemed it was Wednesday and not Monday - but people do not understand humor at all. Do you consider yourself a Lamer that everyone (almost everyone) takes a joke to his address? Yes, I did not want to offend anyone, and did not contact anyone personally.

SV definitely noticed “Learns, learns and learns” (by the way, he is not alone;) - and this is what he does with Lamer - ... - Hacker in the process of its evolution (almost according to Darwin)

to Rus
The fact that I was Lamer is a very bold assumption and I'm afraid that a little inaccurate. Everything is relative.

And now I will tell you my vision of this joke, because there is a joke in every joke:
- The hacker picks up the password from the third time, and Lamer dials from the fifth, it dials, not analyzing the reason for his previous mistakes, not using the experience of his past attempts ...
Want a joke (true):
They call me to the department where, according to them, the computer produces some sounds that are not characteristic of it - you know the reason - they put the folder on the keyboard, and the input focus was in the field with a limited number of input characters ...
So these people will not even be called lamers - they won’t master their intellect that this word is abusive in some circles

Nest   (2001-11-08 10:16) [13]

I understand that Lamer is a militant kettle, i.e. who doesn’t know nikerta, but as already said, his fingers are oppressed!
So not all were beginner lamers, all dummies, but not lamers !!!!!!!!
The qualities that allow calling a chela a lamer are not so much connected with a computer
and knowledge in this area - they are usually not liked in any companies.
It should clearly distinguish between the concepts of kettle and lamer.

Nemesis   (2001-11-08 10:27) [14]

Vsyo too, vsyo the same - you didn’t like the joke

Nest   (2001-11-08 10:30) [15]

Yes, a normal joke.
This is me about "All of you once were lamers" was indignant.

fliz   (2001-11-08 12:25) [16]

stop cantor.
there are teapots, and there are lamers.
and if the first ones are ordinary beginners WANTING to develop, learn
something, then the second - to put it mildly, “dudes” who thought in the head
it doesn’t come that they need to learn something. It is they who infuriate many
forum users with questions in the style of "And who will write me the program, I help
I didn’t look, and generally you don’t run into me here. "
Ksati, if you look at the psycho-portrait of the "lamer" - as a rule
this is a fingered Avnyuk, who considers himself learning from others below himself.
And teapots are normal people :)

so let's separate the categories, brothers (and sisters :)

therefore, "we were all" dummies "" - correctly. (Yes, if only because
that we all learned to walk in childhood)

but "we were all lamers" - a hackneyed phrase because of understanding

Darker   (2001-11-08 12:54) [17]

To dispel a bit of malice: o)

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
The young man decided that his life’s dream was to become a great writer.
When asked what “great” means in his concept, the guy answered:
- I want to write things that cause a storm of passion, from which the whole world will
cry and laugh, be mocked and hate.
She was able to fulfill her dream. Today a young man is working on
Microsoft and composes error messages in Windows ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
- Well, let them say that to use the name of your cat as a password -
bad tone! RrgTt_fx32! B, kys-kys-kys ...
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Gamer is watching a horror movie. There the wanderers roam in the dark basement.
Then a sharp music begins to sound. The atmosphere is heating up ...
Gamer cramping in convulsions yells at the TV babyshka:
- Save yourself, bastard! ..
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
- Why do your children quarrel all the time?
- Conflict of Versions! - the programmer answers!
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Well, the last - ALMOST IN TOPIC !!!
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Two programmers are talking:
“What is he like?”
- Very sociable and friendly, you can’t even say
what a programmer is.

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-08 13:01) [18]

Something you have a strange interpretation of the word lamer, according to the dictionary it is intended and not treated.

Nemesis   (2001-11-08 16:11) [19]

> Anatoly Podgoretsky
that's it - a clinical option

Иван Шихалев   (2001-11-08 17:03) [20]

A novice programmer does not understand why his program does not work, and a finished programmer does not understand why.


Fredy314   (2001-11-08 21:38) [21]


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