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C ++? Find similar branches

sudiv   (2001-11-08 10:54) [0]

to Merlin and moderator
Do not hit hard, but my question is this:
are there any forums on C ++ Builder (or C in general) on the master ???
If so, how to get them ???

Thanks for the reply.

Merlin   (2001-11-08 11:06) [1]

Not. It was planned to make a copy of the engine of this site and call it "C Masters", but there is no good thing to do ...

sudiv   (2001-11-08 11:08) [2]

A pity the fans were b.

savva   (2001-11-08 11:33) [3]

exactly ....

Алексей Петров   (2001-11-08 11:56) [4]

> Merlin © (08.11.01 11: 06)

How is Builder different from Delphi? The differences are minimal: the syntax of the language and all :) VCL is something common.

The simplest option is to open another forum, “Builder Features,” and let the Builder fans post questions about VCL, WinAPI, ... in general forums. Well, in a narrowly special focus - already in its own separate ...

sudiv   (2001-11-08 15:28) [5]

to Alexey Petrov © (08.11.01 11: 56)
There are still differences, and in some matters serious ones.
As for the second sentence - a great option!
(Hmm, I already spoke as the owner :). Not good ...)
Although it seems to me, most Delphians can do something good with the C builder.

to merlin
Maybe someday someone will appear ?!

iZEN   (2001-11-08 19:34) [6]

www.relib.com, may help.

vasco   (2001-11-09 01:41) [7]

If there was a separate branch uniting all the questions about the Builder, I would be happy.
But there are still many features:

iZEN   (2001-11-09 01:45) [8]

Keep still: http://www.softforum.ru/

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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