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> Merilin Find similar branches

модератор   (2001-11-08 07:51) [0]

Increasingly, there are threads in the forum about various algorithms.

Could such discussions be highlighted in a separate forum?

Merlin   (2001-11-08 09:10) [1]

I will, just slowly :)

savva   (2001-11-08 11:46) [2]

and why, there is http://alglib.chat.ru/

Дремучий   (2001-11-08 17:01) [3]

2 savva ©

in America, too, they sell beer ...

and your tastier.

2 Merlin ©
You can of course in general issues, but better separately.

paul_shmakov   (2001-11-08 17:13) [4]

maybe not a new forum? but then surely there will be the same there as the "Basic", "System" and "WinAPI", only in a heap.

better other approach. There are two newsgroups:
comp.lang.c ++
comp.lang.c ++. moderated
in the first one everything is mixed, and the second is husks, the dry residue from the first.
The first one is used to ask / answer questions. and the second is something like "the best of comp.lang.c ++".

maybe here it is better to create something similar for each forum.

zero   (2001-11-08 17:44) [5]

Better to create.
It will be more convenient

Merlin   (2001-11-08 17:46) [6]

And who will do it the best?

Дремучий   (2001-11-08 20:12) [7]

2 Merlin
in 27 hours of your desktop it will NOT fit uniquely!

why not helpers? Or will the salary be cut right away?
The site is promoted and your merit is indisputable. But why is the state not growing?
Bosses against?

Моргана   (2001-11-09 05:21) [8]

That's not what Merlina’s head should hurt about!
In my opinion - the problem of restriction is brewing, but not expansion!

Merlin   (2001-11-09 10:34) [9]

> Dense
And for this site no one pays anything to anyone. Unless I spend money from the pocket sometimes. If you look in the questionnaire, it says that this site is a hobby. And to my work is not relevant.
We are always glad to new assistants! If you want to join, always welcome.

> Morgana
It's right. Already there was a dispute about this. Better more or better less :) But they did not come to a common opinion.

zero   (2001-11-09 10:47) [10]

Merlin, expensive hobby? :)

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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