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Феликс   (2001-11-05 19:54) [0]

There is such a statement that almost every delphist created his own site and successfully posted it on the network (the site is dedicated to delphi). So, if the location of your site is not state. Secret, indicate your site. It's really interesting what people are doing?

Yuraz   (2001-11-05 20:12) [1]

http://www.kirov.ru/~yura 50%/50% делфи и не только.

Today an interesting program was made by the "Left e-mail generator" for spammers. Great gift for them. For a second, 1000 addresses, and you don’t have to crawl on the Internet in search of .. Does it really matter where to send it .. Nobody answers them anyway ...

and an example of finished work, whole 2500 addresses for free !!!

Дремучий   (2001-11-05 21:29) [2]

2 Felix ©
So they write in the questionnaires, or is it for those who did not write in the questionnaire?

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-05 21:33) [3]

So he is on his own and for himself

Феликс   (2001-11-05 22:55) [4]

2 Deep ©
Well, in general I do not look at profiles. Well, in general, how do you imagine this? You take all the nicknames and look forward to the profiles? When I become smart as Anatoly Podgoretsky, I’ll probably do it, but now I’m waiting for someone to show their creativity.

Дремучий   (2001-11-05 23:07) [5]

2 Felix
>> Well, in general, how do you imagine this?
we are all on the forum as non-visual components - a delusion
everyone has their own face - and Anatoly Podgoretsky and Lana Rolzanova and ... also have. Erasing the human form is an extremely difficult and risky occupation. The image of a specific person causes a certain opinion and interest in him. And if you're interested, then you can look at the questionnaire. Another thing is that not everyone writes there ...

>> Well, in general I do not look at profiles
it means that you are completely uninterested, but you wrote a question in order to sketch cleanly, maybe the first thing that took your mind.

Феликс   (2001-11-05 23:19) [6]

Dense ©
>>> it means that you are completely uninteresting, but you wrote a question to sketch cleanly, maybe the first thing that got into your head.
Damn, you revealed me! The turnout failed! And all thanks to what? All thanks to the excellent psychological analysis. Are you a practicing psychologist? If so, then I have a problem! I see dead people! Sucks right? What to do? Please tell me the representative of Sigmund Freud in Russia.

Дремучий   (2001-11-05 23:36) [7]

2 Felix ©
I answered your question quite reasonably, even if not from the point of view of programming, but some kind of psychology.

and the answer is a mixture of humor and impulsive emotion. Good combination. As a medical practitioner would say, you will live. ;))

Tosov   (2001-11-05 23:49) [8]

2 Felix
There is a SITES link at the top of the page. come look. And under the description of the site is the nickname that this site added to the list (probably Webmaster)

PS. Dead people are shitty. And what are you doing at the cemetery ???

rsmike   (2001-11-06 00:26) [9]

You shouldn’t be so. Dead people are cool. Especially animals.

Вадим   (2001-11-06 01:18) [10]

Dead people, and even animals! Where do you get grass ?!

MJH   (2001-11-06 02:20) [11]

Yes, please, there is nothing to be ashamed of:

Dima-k17   (2001-11-06 09:39) [12]

My site here in the links is: http://delphi-k17.narod.ru

Knight   (2001-11-06 10:42) [13]

There is no time, so mine is unfinished, only software ...
Wait, I’m doing something else ...

Иван Шихалев   (2001-11-06 20:45) [14]

All by the edge at http://fpc.by.ru/
If you are lucky, then you will see me :)
But in general - :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Феликс   (2001-11-06 21:12) [15]

Yes, people, something with the design is weak (only no offense!).

Дремучий   (2001-11-06 21:53) [16]

2 Felix ©
There are pretty good sites.
GOOD design requires LOT OF TIME. I think that my site is not designed properly, but what can I do?

in Delphi - design is not the main thing
but personally, I am for beauty!

It is she should save the world!

Tosov   (2001-11-06 22:35) [17]


anod   (2001-11-06 23:07) [18]

About Delfi - it means simply most often to hide Old (FAKei, Doki ..)

DK   (2001-11-07 04:03) [19]


Nikolay   (2001-11-07 17:30) [20]


That's it!

anod   (2001-11-07 17:38) [21]

to Nikolay
Are you by any chance a reader of the magazine CHIP?

Феликс   (2001-11-07 20:51) [22]

Yes, you still can’t see good sites!

Tosov   (2001-11-07 21:12) [23]

2 Felix ©
Please tell me that there is a "good site" for you. Can I have a reference ??

Nikolay   (2001-11-07 23:35) [24]

But what kind of magazine is there? (I mean in Russia - I saw a bourgeois)

if there is, tell me!
But in general, why?

That's it!

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-08 00:00) [25]


Nikolay   (2001-11-08 00:10) [26]


No, I understand that the design and graphics of many sites are lame, but asks the site is that new? It seems to me, no, and therefore often there is not enough time for it! But you do not have a site or have? If so, what are you not showing? and besides, to create a normal site you need a group of developers and then look after it, it’s also chewing weed ...

PS> do not offend people, they try ......

That's it!

anod   (2001-11-08 14:28) [27]

Yes, cheap and cool.
I already buy 5 number
2 numbers ago there was an article about CSS ...
Well, just a copy of your site
I read it myself and updated my

fliz   (2001-11-08 14:41) [28]


find there about Delphi - whistle me :)

-=CrazyFish=-   (2001-11-08 15:06) [29]


Nikolay   (2001-11-08 15:31) [30]


Of course, I didn’t do my own site (i.e., I collected from various tips and examples, more precisely 2-3 :-)
I'm just not strong at htlm :-(

And thanks for the "Chip", I will look!

That's it!

Владимир Васильев   (2001-11-08 16:44) [31]

The site, however, has not been updated for a long time - I am completing my first commercial
(hopefully) a game. The other day I’ll post some graphics. The working title is "Trakhodrom" - for adult only.
Pozh. any comments with soap.

anod   (2001-11-08 22:42) [32]

2 Nikolay
The design is good, sorry not my site F (

Феликс   (2001-11-08 22:50) [33]

Yes, www.ichip.ru is krtuo!

file not found   (2001-11-09 00:52) [34]

Here is my mega site! www.xatka.vov.ru. Leave your opinion about the site in
guest book!

Donal   (2001-11-09 11:00) [35]

hmm ... okay :-) http://donal.by.ru - only there is almost nothing on Delphi too, just a couple of prog that you can’t download anyway, don’t even try :-)) yes, viewing requires an explorer version not lower than 4.
In general, I have many sites on the network, but the rest are already devoted to a specific topic, and this is not Delphi :-))

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