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panov   (2001-11-08 18:54) [0]

for servicing / playing 2's and more customers.

The game takes place in the Online.

The server serves all incoming requests on some TCP / IP ports in multithreaded mode.

The game protocol of each client is maintained in the database.
When the client is disconnected (emergency), the subsequent recovery of the game is possible.
The basis of the site is chess.

> Oleg Gashev
If there is a visual part of the board, then it would be very interesting to look at the implementation.

Not interested in the implementation of such a program in Java.

As a rule, the most interesting projects are implemented in the client-server system.

For example, some links:


Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-08 20:08) [1]

> panov

Written on VCL. Chess board has many features:

Drag and Drop chess interface

On the agenda, adding more 5-6 features. About the quality of work, take a look at the site and download Ecw Chess Viewer Beta version 1.0.3.

There are problems with the implementation of the client-server structure. If you have any ideas, throw me an email ecwchess@narod.ru

Merlin   (2001-11-09 10:56) [2]

And why is it necessary to write a server in Delphi? He and Perl will live normally, and you can post it on this site. But the client is already on Delphi ...

panov   (2001-11-09 11:06) [3]

> Merlin © (09.11.01 10: 56)

I do not know, how on a pearl the server, but on Delphi here works - to wind off.

Merlin   (2001-11-09 11:13) [4]

1. check in
2. institution of virtual boards and search for an opponent
3. A separate session opens at the beginning of the game, where everything is taken into account
4. Possibility to view current situation with WEB
5. Get inf. about the progress from the client
6. control of the correct course
7. to write down the course, at request from the client of the opponent to give it inf. about the progress made.

Missed nothing?
Work is not for the day, but everything is realizable.

panov   (2001-11-09 11:15) [5]

Merlin © (09.11.01 11: 13)
Another constant Update in the database, adding all the information, and restoring in case of connection failure ...

Merlin   (2001-11-09 14:08) [6]

> Another constant Update in the database, adding all the information,
Well, I call it all in one word "to lead the session" :)

> and recovery in case of connection failure ...
And in this case there will be no such thing as a connection break! To keep a constantly open connection with each client, so we quickly eat up all the resources of the server.
Each client will contact the server once in n-time with the question "Has anything changed from dd.dd.dddd hh: mm: ss?". Or report that a man made a move. After receiving the answer, the connection is closed.

panov   (2001-11-09 14:18) [7]

> Merlin
I agree.
It remains to coding and implementing multiplatform :-)

> Oleg Gashev

Once again, I propose to share insights and participate. :-)

After all, it's all so simple!

Merlin   (2001-11-09 14:31) [8]

And I already offered to Oleg to make his toy online through our server. He did not answer :(

McSimm   (2001-11-09 15:03) [9]

You can ask?
The idea is that users play with each other through the server and / or with the server itself?
If the server also acts as a player, is Perl really suitable?

And the offer. It would be nice in the client to realize the possibility (mode) of communication via e-mail. (chess@delphi.mastak.ru or subject reserved, for example, the name of a sysadmin cat from a joke :)
I will explain:
Chess is a long game. A party can last more than one hour and even more than one day. Such a game is hanging in the tray, waiting for the opponent to move, and I work. There was a move, I had the opportunity to break away from work, I will answer. To me the possibility of this option seems very attractive.

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-09 16:45) [10]

> Merlin

I did not answer for several reasons. Site URL is not suitable for chess. Rather, chess.mastak.com. Raskruchivat other sites would not want to. So you have to do your own. Therefore, I did not answer.

With the program "struggled" 3 of the year and do not want to give it to someone else's use either. Unless I can sell a license for use. I can write a Chess component with a license agreement. It has been written for too long to give.

Game servers are a profitable business and you don’t want to make open source out of it.

I can offer only limited participation in project development, specifically the development of a client-server architecture.

Regards, Oleg.

PS For all questions concerning the development of a chess server and Ecw Chess there is a forum at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ecwchess. All questions, comments and additions, please post on the forum Ecw Chess.

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