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Vadim   (2001-11-08 11:01) [0]

1. Gentlemen, does anyone else know at least one "live" forum besides this? No matter where you go, one or two question-answers per day, and that’s basically nonsense. Boredom! Even in the respected Kingdom, most of the questions are duplicate questions from this unanswered forum.

2. I wonder how long this forum will live? If everyone here will be "built" like they have lately, then apparently, not for long.

Вадим   (2001-11-08 11:10) [1]

1. fido7.ru. *

PVOzerski   (2001-11-08 11:20) [2]

1. www.delphikingdom.com

Vadim   (2001-11-08 11:36) [3]

> Vadim: what kind of "appropriate software" does it ask you to install when in IE you click on the link to fido7.n5039.delphi?

Вадим   (2001-11-08 14:12) [4]

I do not know. I registered through talk.ru and everything is fine. I read through outgluks express.

Dima-k17   (2001-11-08 14:28) [5]


WhiteFoot   (2001-11-08 14:38) [6]

www.rsdn.ru - mainly for sishnikov but very "lively" (there is also Delphi)

Vadim   (2001-11-08 16:23) [7]

Yes, life is warming on ixbt ...
Only here it’s not in the Nashensky style - VPW, etc.

Vadim   (2001-11-08 16:33) [8]

Yes, life is warming on ixbt ...
Only here it’s not in the Nashensky style - VPW, etc.

On rsdn, databases are pretty much debated about,
but according to Delphi - complete stagnation ... And the interface is inconvenient.

What, there are no more centers of civilization?

Vadim   (2001-11-08 19:20) [9]

Apparently there are no more offers - this island is one in the sublunar world. The slogan "Visit everywhere and come back to us!" you can shoot - where the hell are we going to go :)

iZEN   (2001-11-08 19:31) [10]

www.relib.com is a cool LIVE forum.

Alexandr   (2001-11-09 07:30) [11]


Vadim   (2001-11-09 12:48) [12]

There are interesting tips on relib, but the forum is also not very active - there are almost no "burning" questions.

And cps has a terribly inconvenient interface - to view each answer to a question, you need to click the "next in topic" button, which for some reason leads to a complete reboot of the whole window :(.

All these forums are too dispersed in different directions, as a result, there is no real activity in any direction. Chasing two hares ... :)

In addition, each answer there is regarded as something divine and, apparently, undergoes strict censorship. What communication is there!

vuk   (2001-11-09 18:46) [13]

to Vadim:
Duc ... CPS is better to read on NNTP!

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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Here it is interesting: from Simferopol, am I here alone?

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Hey, who knows about Indy? Help is needed!

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