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Another dirt in the pantry Find similar branches

Merlin   (2001-11-08 11:43) [0]

The program was posted yesterday:
"Dolphin Reference! -2
Description: The second part of my directory !!! Hurray !!! "
The archive still lies: http://delphi.mastak.ru/download/221.zip anyone interested.
Laid on behalf of Roman
email: po5718ma@atnet.ru
IP = (07.11.01 16: 09)
Profile: http://delphi.mastak.ru/cgi-bin/anketa.pl?id=998388228

After starting Project1.exe, a window appears with a message that the computer has been attacked by a virus. The keyboard and mouse are blocked.
After the reboot, the same window + menu item "Shutdown" disappeared, the layout switch disappeared, the program registered itself in the registry in the "RUN" key.

Nonsense, of course all this, remove is not a problem, but the mood spoils. There is no way to check everything, you can’t explain to everyone that programs without source code need to be viewed with suspicion, but something needs to be done?
What are the tips / suggestions?

Ежик   (2001-11-08 11:49) [1]

By the way, in the pantry in the ready-made programs section is Mini Toy, the same garbage as the reference book.
Watering such reptiles is necessary!
Or, beat the scoreboard in full!

Вадим   (2001-11-08 11:53) [2]

IMHO, there is only one way out - prohibit spreading exe "shniki

> Hedgehog

Yeah, only you have to meet him

Merlin   (2001-11-08 11:58) [3]

> only one way out - prohibit spreading exe "shniki
Is not a fact. In the components section it’s possible, but in Ready-made programs and Other ... really useful programs are possible but the author is not ready to give the source, for example, if he is preparing to make this ShareWare program.

Ежик   (2001-11-08 12:05) [4]

2Merlin ©

What then to do? Then let's check each laid out program, I do not see another way out yet. I can help with the verification.

savva   (2001-11-08 12:09) [5]

Actually, I would probably probably put a couple of three screenshots (the most typical) and only at the request of someone who would be interested would send exe ....

Example code from a mini toy: (don’t fall - honestly, this is such a section of the variable description for this "virus writer" :)))
var x, y: integer; a: real; var Hack: TRegistry; var Form1: TForm1; var reg: TRegistry; var Wnd: THandle; int: integer; var KomputerGameOver: boolean;

By the way, he also has a homepage http://nicfa.narod.ru/simple.html, he also seemed to be on the chat ... he had long dreamed of getting even with this weirdo, he was rude with Svetik in the chat ....

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-08 12:29) [6]

Merlin © (08.11.01 11: 58)
> only one way out - prohibit spreading exe "shniki

Then let it spread on some other site.

Hedgehog © (08.11.01 12: 05)
Not a way out, pest actions can be delayed for a certain period.

Dima-k17   (2001-11-08 14:28) [7]

And what's the matter actually? I have already expressed my complaints about this in his guestbook.

I especially liked the phrase: "This is the site of the great programmer"

Dima-k17   (2001-11-08 14:33) [8]

And yet, do not forget to see the section: "Mo Й programs" :-)

Vadim   (2001-11-08 19:16) [9]

Eh, I did not have time to look at the miracle in feathers - did not the Hedgehog fill up his homepage for an hour? :)

Вадим   (2001-11-08 21:14) [10]

> Vadim

He saw him here and dumped

Никто   (2001-11-09 05:14) [11]

2 Merlin
There is no panacea here and cannot be (in the general case). Like on any other sites where programs are laid out for everyone. The only requirement is: Wherever Who Looks - Everywhere, Always, First A Message was Presented - "EVERYTHING YOU DOWNLOAD FROM THIS SITE YOU DOWNLOAD AT YOURSELF AND RISK. CHECK EVERYTHING DOWNLOADS!"

MJH   (2001-11-09 08:10) [12]

what to do what to do - find this wise guy and fill his face ......
what if lamer downloads? then he will faint ....

Merlin   (2001-11-09 10:16) [13]

Pro prohibit uploading EXE. Theoretically, it is possible, but, for example, today they laid out an MPEG player for DOS, a thing that is useful and useful to many. If you put a filter, then they will not be able to lay out such a thing ...
What to do? Really limited to _only_ source? So after all, they tried to lay out the next dirty trick in the sources under the guise of a toy.
I'm at a loss.

panov   (2001-11-09 10:18) [14]

Just use it carefully.
And such dirty tricks, if you can calculate, push on the Internet, in general, you can get a page of "bad" people :-)

MJH   (2001-11-09 10:21) [15]

it only remains to prohibit such reptiles on the Internet to climb out ....: - |
in another way ... everywhere there are people who feel good from something different .... but if you confine ourselves to the source code - what's the point? put on other sites, the same effect :(

Merlin   (2001-11-09 10:24) [16]

Uh, no. Other sites let them think for themselves :) Your opinion is important for me, is it worth putting a filter on an EXE (by the way, is it easy to bypass, put an archive in the archive) or limit yourself to warnings?

Kapusto   (2001-11-09 11:29) [17]

And why not do as before on BBSk did?
Make two sections: "verified" and "unverified" ... All users upload their files to the "unverified" section. And only after someone (the most daring :) starts, translate into the second section ...
Or, say, if a person downloaded 5 in a month, and no one was indignant, then with a probability of 90% the file is normal

MJH   (2001-11-09 11:48) [18]

2Merlin: it’s not the end users who start the sites, the benefit is that those who are sitting here are thinking in computers, and if the kettle starts such a program?
There is no way out of this situation: (((if the sysop checks and punishes users on the BBC, it is impossible to do this on the Internet, punishment is worthwhile.

2Kapusto: are there any well-wishers who will check?
if only they paid money for it, then immediately there would be those who wanted ... and so ... hardly ...

Vadim   (2001-11-09 12:21) [19]

> Kapusto "someone (the most daring :) will launch,"
So he himself will launch it: he knows what is where.

> All Once again, I propose to be careful with the "snouts":
- it does not personally show you the best side;
- Remember I. Krylov's fable about the battle with the boar and magpie;
- different people have different concepts about good and evil.

If the organizers have a desire to control the contents of the “pantry”, then the release of 2 (as usual, optimistic and pessimistic):
1. To consider EVERYTHING reset potentially incorrect and organize somehow the “filter” of the reset, i.e. spread for wide access
to this section only after testing;
2. Consider viruses and other exceptions and process them (for example, immediately “hide” and return to the place after the scan) after the appearance of at least one corresponding warning from any visitor.

Of course, in any case, the presence of verification marks is desirable.

Merlin   (2001-11-09 12:57) [20]

For checks, see
> Anatoly Podgoretsky © (08.11.01 12: 29)
Not a way out, pest actions can be delayed for a certain period.

panov   (2001-11-09 13:18) [21]

I believe that everything is in the closet, and there’s no point in checking.
If people communicate and download from the Internet, then they only potentially risk it.
Let everyone determine the danger measure.

> Merlin.
When identifying "malicious" programs, I suggest writing about this in the pantry, throwing information about the "author" in the forum, and block access from the address from which the program was downloaded.
Moreover, even if it is a proxy, then block it.

Vadim   (2001-11-09 13:31) [22]

As you know, the cost of work on protection should not exceed losses in its absence. If you are going to lay protection for all occasions, this will be the wrong decision: too expensive. But to put basic protection from a novice hacker is quite reasonable.
And further. Do not produce enemies. The purpose of the reference to a specific person in the message under No. 1 in this discussion? If you make some noise and make the enemy this way - congratulations, the goal has been achieved. Now, I have no doubt, he is sleeping and sees how to put the server. But he will gain experience over time!
And even if this happened for the umpteenth time - our patience should be unlimited ... (as in the traffic police :)

wHammer   (2001-11-09 13:32) [23]

to Merlin @
Well, it always does. In the pantry, dirt always appears, it is dust and malicious rodents climb, poop. It is necessary to clean up there sometimes. I think that the same MPEG player under DOS should not be immediately exposed for general use, it must first be tested. Indeed, in the pantry we not only put pickled cucumbers and fungi in storage.

Vadim   (2001-11-09 13:34) [24]

> panov © (09.11.01 13: 18)
Fine! If you hit one - half the city will not work :).

Merlin   (2001-11-09 13:40) [25]

ok So we restrict ourselves to the usual warning.

> Vadim ©
I gave out the data for those who have already managed to suffer from this person.

Merlin   (2001-11-09 13:59) [26]

Done. Now, when I try to download something, I will scare everyone :)

Amit   (2001-11-09 21:04) [27]

Good day people!
I read this thread, it became already interesting!
Question No. 1: And what lamer did this pretzel not even competently, because here
sit more experienced than he and what he counted on when laying out this
2: Is it really a virus? (No, it's not a virus, it's shit, but an author who considers himself a cool programmer, all the more pure lamer )?
People, if he wants to be a super virusmaker, then he must work with a file,
not with the registry.
Can we direct him on the righteous path?
I could help him do all this on Pascal, but people like him shouldn’t even help them, because people like him then start to build themselves Super-Mega-Super-Programmer.

MJH   (2001-11-10 07:26) [28]

2Amit: Let Him Learn. and get in the face too :)

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