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sudiv   (2001-11-08 15:38) [0]

Messages about free earnings begin to sweep my mailbox
like CashFiesta!
I’m deleting, but it became a lot of them and even became interesting (I immediately warn you to avoid further questioning - a lot of the relative term :)).
Does anyone know what this thing is and is it worth it?


-=CrazyFish=-   (2001-11-08 15:56) [1]

free cheese only in a mousetrap ... garbage is everything.

sudiv   (2001-11-08 16:06) [2]

Yes, I also think so, but it hurts a LOT of cheese.

-=CrazyFish=-   (2001-11-08 16:15) [3]

As a rule, people who are looking for referrals in such newsletters add another zero to the amount of earnings. The reality is that it’s awesome to twist ads before the amount of earnings reaches the minimum payout amount.

fliz   (2001-11-08 16:21) [4]

"free earnings" “Did they understand what they said?”

this is when they do not pay what they earn, or when
to someone you earn for free (disinterestedly), so what?

other decryption options for this idiocy there is?

sudiv   (2001-11-08 16:33) [5]

to - = CrazyFish = - © (08.11.01 16: 15)
Yes, out of curiosity I went to the link. There is a serious site with I don’t know what (serious or not so) promises and numbers without extra zeros.
In general, I wanted to find out from those who tried this ....
Well, in general, here it is.
And uh, the question is not essentially why the "crazy fish" :-) ???

to fliz
The decryption is similar to this.

panov   (2001-11-08 16:37) [6]

I went through all this, now all my mail goes through the 3 filter, which has to be constantly updated, but as a result, instead of 40 emails with advertisements daily, now only 2-3 arrives.

sudiv   (2001-11-08 16:45) [7]

to panov © (08.11.01 16: 37)
Yes, I specifically made a box on a free service (smtp).
Precisely because I assumed a bunch of spam.
And about the fact that “I have passed all this, now ...” is there anything other than 40 letters and 3 filters in “green US rubles” ??? (well, or at worst in the "silver American pennies"?).
That was the question ???

-=CrazyFish=-   (2001-11-08 16:54) [8]

> sudiv
> why "crazy fish"
it went back to the time when I wrote programs on Sinclair, I really wanted to be unusually signed like Program by -------. I just didn’t want to write the name and surname, I had to come up with something sonorous. Here I sat and thought, and I have a habit since childhood, I draw fish from nothing to do. In short, while I was thinking, I drew a fish, looked at it and came up with - = CtazyFish = -. A similar fish on my page blows bubbles ... That's the whole story ...

And about making money on the Internet, one day I received a check for five bucks, and my friend for one ... Cool, huh?

sudiv   (2001-11-08 17:08) [9]

Everything, I understand, disconnect :)

sudiv   (2001-11-08 17:10) [10]

> to - = CrazyFish = - © (08.11.01 16: 54)
And the fish is even nothing .... On the site

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-08 21:46) [11]

panov © (08.11.01 16: 37)
Not laziness, is not it easier to click Delete?

panov   (2001-11-09 10:02) [12]

> Anatoly Podgoretsky © (08.11.01 21: 46)
I am not a fan of the WEB interface, so I use client programs.
I am offended to download even 5-10 advertising letters.
I just can't stand it.

Once in this forum I already asked a question about spam from the site www.vlata.com and the inability to unsubscribe from it.

After the letter to the owners of the hosting spam stopped.

So this is a matter of principle. :-)

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-09 22:57) [13]

Everything is clear, but it’s easier for me to press, but sometimes when I’m angry I take measures

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