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Listen Merlin, do you ever sleep? In a sense, relaxing? Find similar branches

Ежик   (2001-11-08 12:54) [0]

Listen Merlin, do you ever sleep? In a sense, relaxing? And then I watch you can meet in the forum at any time of the day.

Merlin   (2001-11-08 13:17) [1]

Well, of course! It’s just that my day lasts about 27 hours, because the time of falling asleep and waking up is constantly shifting and I get the impression from an outside observer that I don’t sleep at all :)

fliz   (2001-11-08 13:21) [2]

maybe Merlin is a model of artificial intelligence (see
discussion!! this question), or his double as in Strugatsikh? Mamaaa .... scary ..

2 Merlin. Hopefully not offended? :))

Merlin   (2001-11-08 13:27) [3]

Yeah, now everyone will start looking at people in the chat, constantly asking themselves the question, "is this a person?" That way, we will soon have a psychology :) Mania AI :)))))))

Fun AP   (2001-11-09 05:33) [4]

2 Merlin.
Do not ask. You generally are NOT in a forum, in comparison with AP.
AP - never sleeps at all!

iZEN   (2001-11-09 07:21) [5]

And I slept today 4 hours and nothing, just wants to sleep. After work I’ll catch up - I’ll sleep another 10 watch. :)

Merlin   (2001-11-09 10:29) [6]

Quite right, I am "hanging out" only on this forum, the rest are not interesting to me. And I don’t ask at all, rather the opposite ... I like to sleep :)

Vadim   (2001-11-09 12:52) [7]

Hmm ... Not interesting ... And who made numerous links to various interesting articles on the Internet? Double?

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-09 22:52) [8]

Fun AP (09.11.01 05: 33)
Well, I already wrote about robots.

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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Today is a happy day! Besides that, Friday ...

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Programmer, what's your name?

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How to take the root of the nth degree in Delphi?

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Sorry for the lamer question how to print image

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