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What mess is different from the order? Find similar branches

Alien   (2001-11-07 01:15) [0]

Imagine you enter the discussion thread and watch the recording.
> Vasya Pupkin (this is the date of the birth of Christ)
> I advise this thread to move to the forum to foil!

Your natural reaction:
And who is actually Vasya Pupkin? You ask him politely. He answers you that he is a moderator! Only where it is written refuses to report ...

... so the question is: what is the difference between a mess and an order, if people set to keep order arrange a mess?

... in all the forums in which I used to participate, on the forum page there is an inscription:
"Forum moderated by Vasya Pupkin". If there is no such inscription, then the forum is moderated by the nicknames "moderator" or "admin" ... Is it really that difficult to implement? Citizens moderators and those who joined them, please respect the visitors of this site!

Вася Пупкин   (2001-11-07 01:28) [1]

I AM YOU! But I do not moderate this forum. :))

panov   (2001-11-07 01:34) [2]

And what am I not comfortable with?
There cannot be a permanent moderator on such forums - this is not such an easy job (for example, as I thought).
Do you have an inferiority complex due to this?

panov   (2001-11-07 02:26) [3]

I still want to hear the answer ...

Alien   (2001-11-07 02:36) [4]

> panov © (07.11.01 01: 34)
Can you read? I’m not at all interested in the moderator’s personality, I’m interested in respect ... I’m not going to repeat twenty times ... read more about a subject if you don’t get to ...

> Vasya Pupkin © (07.11.01 01: 28)
All the characters of this branch are fictional and real matches in life, there are elements of pure chance :)

Alien   (2001-11-07 02:54) [5]

> panov © (07.11.01 02: 26)
And more ... if we went to the section to get worn out, then this does not mean that we should go down to familiarity ... please be polite ...

Adder   (2001-11-07 04:11) [6]

2panov & Merlin
> this is not such an easy job
Somewhere in the forums came across: in each thread a button "Push to the moderator" :) Maybe it makes sense to start something like this here - and make life easier for the moderator?
2panov imkho, bend a stick ...

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-07 09:58) [7]

In principle, it touches on quite an important topic, how to moderate it.
It does not matter who is a moderator or not, but a few rules are generally accepted in most forums.

Messages from the moderator should go for the signature moderator or equivalent, even if the moderator itself is anonymous.

The moderator must be available for correspondence, that is, it must be documented how to contact the moderator on moderation issues, usually an account such as Moderator [OfXxxx] @ yyy.zz

No other person should be able to send a message to the forum on behalf of the moderator. Tests showed the opposite.

The rest varies from forum to forum, but it is better if it is somehow documented.

Вадим   (2001-11-07 14:06) [8]

Yes, it would not hurt to write on the forum page that the forum is moderated by panov "th. And somehow it does not work out well.

panov   (2001-11-07 14:20) [9]

> Alien © (07.11.01 02: 54)
> And more ... if we went to the section to get worn out, this does not mean that> we must go down to familiarity ... please be polite ...
How to apply, to YOU ​​or to YOU, the issue has already been discussed earlier, and quite energetically.

This is not familiarity, but normal treatment.
If you wish to contact you - please, we will communicate like this.

There are people who can not tolerate treatment on "you."
These are probably complexes.

As for the inscription, this question should be addressed to Merlin.
Only he can do something about it.

If something offended - I apologize to all.

> Anatoly Podgoretsky © (07.11.01 09: 58)
I agree. all messages on behalf of the moderator will be signed by the "moderator" (in this transcription).

McSimm   (2001-11-07 15:06) [10]

Or no one noticed, or I do not understand something. Is this what NLP is doing?

>> I advise you to move this thread to the forum to get worn out!
> Your natural reaction:
> And who is actually "Vasya Pupkin"?

And that everyone agrees with this statement?
Is it really a natural reaction?

My natural reaction: "apparently our discussion began to interfere, because the topic has really gone beyond the topic".
This is an elementary display of respect.

What is the problem? maybe in the formulation?
"Vasya Pupkin" should write "I beg you" instead of advise? To advice not to hurt someone's vanity?

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-07 15:52) [11]

I think with time the institute of moderation will settle down / get used to and everything will be both technically normal and psychologically more acceptable. Immediately choose the right road will not work anyway, it hurts individually.

In the end, the moderator is not a scarecrow, but simply one of the people who monitors the observance of the elementary order in the forum and nothing pleasant in the performance of this function, just the opposite, but someone still needs to do this work.

Alien   (2001-11-07 16:20) [12]

> panov © (07.11.01 14: 20)
> This is not a familiarity, but a normal appeal.
> If you wish to appeal to you - please, we will communicate like that.
> There are people who can not tolerate treatment on "ty".
> Probably, these are complexes.
... normal communication is nothing to do with, however, as well as complexes too ... this is a common culture, but it seems that you are far from it ...

> McSimm © (07.11.01 15: 06)
> My natural reaction: "apparently our discussion began to interfere, because> indeed the topic went beyond the scope of the topic".
> This is an elementary display of respect.
Do you understand how mess is different from the order? If not, you can no longer read ... If everyone starts to comment on whether he likes this thread or not, and everyone else will begin to listen to this and express his position on this issue, then there will be a mess ... for this, there is a moderator. I personally do not understand at all who this is expressed by Mr. Panov, the forum visitor or Mr. Panov, the moderator. The last is not subject to discussion, and the first simple muffling. Catch the difference?

evgeg   (2001-11-07 18:51) [13]

> Alien

Why do you think that you know what a mess is, and what is order? Oracle seems to have nobody chose.

Alien   (2001-11-07 20:09) [14]

> evgeg (07.11.01 18: 51)
There are elementary norms of behavior ... If we start arranging flames in each forum, in my opinion, this mess is called. Do you have a different opinion on this?

... imagine, you asked a question in the forum, but I went in and said that this question was of no interest to me and that in my opinion it’s inappropriate here and you wouldn’t go to the forum with your question ... you swallow it and go to forum get worn out? Or what will be your actions?

limon   (2001-11-07 20:27) [15]

> All
In one of the branches, the issue of the flame was already raised in the thematic forums and, if I'm not mistaken, Ketmar remembered respecting someone else's traffic.
Indeed, not everyone has access to meter channels, many get here via a narrow dial-up, and having got to the question of interest, they have to download a flame instead of information.

> Alien
"who speaks about it, Mr. Panov, the forum visitor or Mr. Panov, the moderator" - I fully agree.

> Panov-moderator
"all messages on behalf of the moderator will be signed by the moderator" (exactly in such a transcription). " - it's great, and for the greater significance of this signature, I suggest
1) to highlight it in any way, I think, the © should be required;
2) also for writing "Moderator", "moderator", "Moderator" and others (administrator, etc.)

Tosov   (2001-11-07 21:29) [16]

Dear ... I do not like this thread. And in general it DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO THE SECTION OF EPOTREAT. Do not you all (along with this thread) in the WINAPI section for example.
AND ABOUT. Tsar (aka moderator) Tosov


Moderator   (2001-11-08 01:36) [17]

Moderator and moderator will be highlighted in red, so that no more doubts arise.

Merlin   (2001-11-08 01:38) [18]

> panov
Enter in the questionnaire "moderator" and email delphi@mastak.ru

fliz   (2001-11-08 12:47) [19]

damn, your mother ...
Well, what did you come here - answers to questions about work / hobby about
programming find
or titles rises in and find out the relationship.

funny just somehow.

and all offended question - if on the street to you
any thread dumb will do and say, You are a fool,
Do you start to hitch it immediately?

why red? November to 7 or what?
Yellow pants - 2 fold KU!

Ежик   (2001-11-08 12:53) [20]

2Merlin ©
Listen Merlin, do you ever sleep? In a sense, relaxing? And then I watch you can meet in the forum at any time of the day.

Merlin   (2001-11-08 13:21) [21]

> fliz
Is your nickname individually painted in yellow? :)
And red because it is associated correctly.

fliz   (2001-11-08 13:24) [22]

and paint the truth, damn it !!!!! pliz !!!!
only then, not in yellow, but in clTeal - green-sea, my favorite.
cool will.

Merlin   (2001-11-08 13:25) [23]

No, really! Or yellow, or everything :) After all, two times "Ku";)

fliz   (2001-11-08 13:43) [24]

and can then make a choice of color?
I'm serious, what's wrong with that? or is it hard?

Merlin   (2001-11-08 13:51) [25]

It is not difficult, I already thought about it, but then we will get a circus instead of a forum and there are possible variants of a color similar to the background one, the option of writing the word "moderator" for example "moderator2" is also red.

Almaz   (2001-11-10 01:14) [26]

So who is the moderator - Panov or Merlin ???
If Merlin - then what does Panov ???
If Panov - then why in the questionnaire moderator written Merlin ???

Please explain.

Merlin   (2001-11-10 04:11) [27]

Moderator Panov
> If Panov-then why in the questionnaire moderator written Merlin ???
Specify the link.

evgeg   (2001-11-10 10:11) [28]

> Merlin

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-10 11:57) [29]


Then another question arose on moderation
At this stage, you can either delete the entire branch completely or just delete the separate replica, but if there is a possibility to move the entire branch from one forum to another, say the discussion is excellent, but an obvious oftopik for a particular forum and the ability to move would be an excellent alternative to deletion, with the message in the wrong forum "the branch is moved to the forum so that", with the possible indication of the new ID, which would immediately follow the link.

Merlin   (2001-11-10 21:43) [30]

> evgeg
it's worth being careful, panov comes out as a “moderator”, and this one I registered so that no one has the temptation :)

> Anatoly Podgoretsky
At the moment there is no such function, but I will think about how to do it.

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-10 22:14) [31]

Merlin © (10.11.01 21: 43)
Make an abstract name - All Moderators

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-10 22:18) [32]

Better name moderator to highlight in red. We will know who is currently a moderator.

Merlin   (2001-11-10 22:26) [33]

moderator, this is a "moderator". He stands out in red. And who he is not so important ...

Василий   (2001-11-10 22:52) [34]

That's it fliz
> Yellow pants - 2 KU times!

Warm pants are not from "2 KU times" and from "2 PI times" are :)

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