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wHammer   (2001-11-09 12:56) [0]

You will inform me immediately if the question was repeated earlier, but here's what interests you. Are the "inhabitants" of this site really making money using Delphi, or is it just a hobby for them, and for me, they work in a completely different direction?

asafr   (2001-11-09 13:05) [1]

Naturally ... I work as a programmer and write in Delphi.

panov   (2001-11-09 13:12) [2]

Who like, but I have this work in conjunction with many other things.

McSimm   (2001-11-09 13:15) [3]

Since the advent of (for me) Delphi 1, Delphi programming has been my main source of income (and of my family).

Kapusto   (2001-11-09 13:17) [4]

I earn in kind :)

Vadim   (2001-11-09 13:37) [5]

But I have a hobby ... But sometimes profitable :)

Дремучий   (2001-11-09 13:40) [6]

courses for smart dummies,
disaster recovery
unnecessary cleaning and installation from scratch,
programming, but not only on Delphi
-> earnings

MC TOL   (2001-11-09 13:48) [7]

I really earn money, including on Delphi, because I work as a programmer. 80% of my family’s income is my programming. About 40% - on Delphi. ;-)

-=CrazyFish=-   (2001-11-09 14:01) [8]

The main work, trash ... everything on Delphi

ДедушкаКо   (2001-11-09 14:02) [9]

A small one-time job.
Now sometimes I go in, read "Fuck" ...

Andrey   (2001-11-09 14:11) [10]

Programming in Clipper, Delphi, VB (macros), drawing and printing a huge number of tables in Excel, and trips to customers (stupid dummies) -> here is my job.

Nemesis   (2001-11-09 15:03) [11]

The main programming environment, but not the main income item ...

shiva1   (2001-11-09 15:33) [12]

My main job, which brings about 65% of my income

Nest   (2001-11-09 15:43) [13]

It was a hobby at first,
Then I went to study.
Sichas "officially" work only as a programmer.
I pull another 2 permanent work + hack work.
Vobschem like many programming on a dolphi -> 70% of the income.
But a fairly deep knowledge of the computer helps, samos-aboy everywhere.

Jey   (2001-11-09 15:53) [14]

At first it was a hobby, then work, now a hobby + hack. 50% of revenue.

paul_shmakov   (2001-11-09 16:27) [15]

the only work, but not only "earn money with Delphi" is still interbase :)

Romkin   (2001-11-09 17:54) [16]

The most interesting thing is that Delphi + Interbase gives me 100% of family income :-))
Well, there is still layout, but this is in the process (boxes for software, etc.)

Eleonore   (2001-11-10 00:51) [17]

Favorite job and basic earnings, only in Delphi I program less.

ashot   (2001-11-10 01:45) [18]

My earnings 100% programming on Delphi + Interbase. Everything to order (at home).

sunwheel   (2001-11-10 10:05) [19]

The main source of income is Delphi programming.

Ежик   (2001-11-10 15:41) [20]

And I just have a hobby, and I also teach Delphi a little bit at school, so I don’t have much income from this.

MJH   (2001-11-10 16:23) [21]

as for me - work and hobbies, only hobbies - www.nitroamp.ru
Incidentally - all wishes are taken into account ....

SV   (2001-11-10 19:09) [22]

Just a hobby, and then we'll see ...

Василий   (2001-11-10 22:02) [23]

While dealing with Delphi "she bald! And how to figure it out really earned a remedy for baldness !!! :)

wHammer   (2001-11-12 09:56) [24]

to All
Many thanks to all forum participants for the answers!

Andrews   (2001-11-12 11:18) [25]

I have a hobby, although there was one case, I made a base to order for colleagues ...

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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