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It happened here with me different ... Find similar branches

VEG   (2001-11-10 12:56) [0]

It all started with the fact that, on my birthday (October 24), during a very severe thunderstorm, I sat comfortably on the Internet, and here the law of meanness worked ... In short, I crashed, thank God, only the modem and my Windows Me refused boot :-( I replaced the warranty modem with the same one, but decided to install the OS better (the very brainchild of Microsoft: Windows XP). Listen, this is a thing !!! It loads and works faster than my ancient Me (with a maximum of video effects) , on my PIII-550 and 256 Mb. And when I saw the new Media Player, I decided not to install my Winamp. It loads awesomely fast! All programs that do not go to windows 2000, except for those that use the KERNEL32.DLL library, went without glitches! Personally, I advise you to this OS! I found it myself safely, but there is one thing ... The modem cannot dial any number (after a long wait, an 777 error pops up.) Set Me - the modem worked fine! Maybe someone knows what’s the matter ??? And one more thing: I didn’t enter something, how to drag all my letters from OutLook 2000 to XP?
Tell me, what happened here without me, what did you decide with RUS?

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-10 13:55) [1]


Merlin   (2001-11-10 21:40) [2]

I worked for some time in XP, it causes delight only the first time, and after you get glitches (we can’t see it even the little things), you will return to win2000. Its worth isp. not earlier than the second service pack.

anod   (2001-11-10 22:17) [3]

And my modem in 2000 dials to the provider, enters the network, and hurries out ... And in 98 everything is OK, but with other providers everything was OK.
Maybe it's 2000?

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-10 22:38) [4]

In general, the modem does not work for me in Win2000 server. It is necessary to buy a new one.

Василий   (2001-11-10 22:52) [5]

I told you how XP decrypts ...;)

WhiteFoot   (2001-11-11 01:33) [6]

> VEG try to put the Latin "p" in front of the phone number
e.g. p560811
under Win2000 on a pulse line it doesn’t work differently, maybe in XP the same thing.

iZEN   (2001-11-11 09:37) [7]

/ ** WhiteFoot:
<...> try to put the Latin "p" in front of the phone number
e.g. p560811
under Win2000 on a pulse line it doesn’t work differently <...>

It's strange why everything works fine for me in Win2000 without any "p" and additional drivers?
(3Com PCI Winmodem 56k, normal speed 45.2kbps).

WhiteFoot   (2001-11-11 20:47) [8]

>> iZEN
>> (3Com PCI Winmodem 56k, normal speed 45.2kbps).

but because 45.2kbit / s works.
This means that your line is digital (at analogue max speed 33.6)

And I talked about analog lines with (usually) pulse dialing.

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-12 01:28) [9]

Does anyone have a HAM modem?

Бармен   (2001-11-12 12:44) [10]

The station is analog, but the US Robotics Courier V. Everything works great on 46 666 without any p under W2000

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