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Beta Testing !!! Find similar branches

KL   (2001-11-03 00:47) [0]

People who are not breaking test the beta of my program. This is the new download manager. There is a lot of code, and to quickly catch all the bugs I need your help. Drive the program another day and fill me a list of bugs and shortcomings. Sunx for help.
The program is here: http://www.is.svitonline.com/klord/nitro.zip (810kb)
My soap: klord@kltools.com

comment   (2001-11-03 00:58) [1]

The main thing to remember is that new versions of homemade trojans are not caught by antiviruses (I don’t mean this program !!!)

Knight   (2001-11-03 10:30) [2]

"... send me a list of bugs and flaws"
READ: And quickly send me a list of passwords and addresses, the program itself does not know how ...
(I don’t mean this program !!!)

Regards Knight.

Вадим   (2001-11-03 11:28) [3]

My provider:
Phone: 992299
login: <empty>
password: <empty>

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-03 16:28) [4]

To upload naked EXEs offered on this site, moreover, by a pure anonymous author, is pure madness.
If you want help, post only clean sources, no exe, dll, dcu and so on. Or put on the site trustworthy.

lun   (2001-11-03 16:32) [5]

Yeah, I agree with Anatoly ....

Дремучий   (2001-11-03 17:27) [6]


neither name nor address?
at least hang out with a week, climbed into confidence. ;))
and then right away ...

810kb in the archive for (text taken from Readme.txt)
"Beta version of the killer of all ReGets, Godzil, NetVampirov and other download managers of 8)" - too much!

The format.com command weighs a lot less.

P / S / did not want to offend anyone

KL   (2001-11-03 17:47) [7]

And I thought that there were serious people! As a human being, I ask you to help in debugging the program, but I’m about some Trojans here. There is no talk about any source, because the program uses more 11 different sets of components and plus the program will be shareware. So I think the question about the source has disappeared. And my site is www.kltools.com. But while I bring a new design there and look for a normal file hosting, but nevertheless you can see my other programs.

Дремучий   (2001-11-03 18:07) [8]

2 KL
my internet won't suit you anyway
but I feel sorry for my screw ...

maybe you’ll test my program.
vir_to_all.com ~ 400 byte (more in the archive !!!)
no extra dlls and with good read.me
Unfortunately, I can’t give the source code either, myself
understand shareware.
I’ll catch all the glitches (I don’t know why, but the screw formats
only from 3-4 times) and I will put everything on a commercial basis.
I’ll start my own site. By the way, there are already customers, and this is the most important thing.


do not refuse - you are a serious person.
Humanly, I ask for help in debugging the program.

Дремучий   (2001-11-03 18:18) [9]

2 KL
Yes, I almost forgot - I do not use the component in my program.

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-03 20:11) [10]

KL (03.11.01 17: 47)

This is not serious.

An anonymous appeal, he didn’t even want to give the first and last name and other data, the link contains another site, and the site itself does not cause any trust. But serious people here suffered exactly that way.
In our time of free internet, hrsting, domains, only naive people can take such a serious risk.
There are special sites dedicated to testing beta programs, I would post them there, the audience is huge.

Oleg Gashev   (2001-11-03 21:36) [11]

I agree with Anatoly. Register at http://Betanews.com. It was registered two months ago. It really helped. Bugs and errors instantly caught. Now you have to write new versions. Letters come with requests for increased functionality.

> KL
I’ll not download the program for your link for two reasons. With this message text, it's time to go to first grade and learn Russian. And who is KL?

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Forum: "Grab";
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Angel s
2001-12-15 23:04
Upload jpg file to image

2001-10-16 06:22
Here it is interesting: from Simferopol, am I here alone?

2001-12-05 10:54
How to use TableLevel?

Viktor Shcherbakov
2001-11-01 12:40
Photo recovery

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