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WinXP cd-key Find similar branches

MadBurro   (2001-11-12 20:52) [0]

People, throw it, plz :)

Дремучий   (2001-11-12 21:13) [1]

I can, but only tomorrow ... Nothing at hand

Дремучий   (2001-11-13 12:47) [2]

promised kei

Windows XP

Office XP

troits   (2001-11-13 13:37) [3]

Please explain what kind of kei.
As I understand it, you need to connect to activate XP
to their server, etc. Or is it already broken,
and the key is just entered during installation?

Дремучий   (2001-11-13 14:11) [4]

from my pirated sd xp was set by entering these keys -
those. I do not claim that I have become licensed,
but nevertheless it was up and running, it does not give out any extra messages
computer on which set to an Internet not connected.

set just to see, really working in another wasp.

Wizard_Ex   (2001-11-13 15:31) [5]

I also have the same kei
2 Nimble:
You don’t have any firewood for XP, otherwise the Acorp56k EUS modem
(Conexant HCF V.90 DataFax RTAD USB modem) so that it is empty, firewood doesn’t work from W2k, I found some beta for XP - they don’t plow at all.
And on Sony CRX-140 (RW) - at the moment it works like a CDROM, it will not work to record anything - firewood is needed.
In general, I think I’ll put W2k back, and XP is damp,
although I turned off this whole crap yuzersky, the duck runs really faster than W2k, and the best is also on the grid.

Дремучий   (2001-11-13 17:19) [6]

2 Wizard_Ex
no, but I cheat friends

Burmistroff   (2001-11-13 20:51) [7]

> troits
To activate, you must either connect to the server or call in Moscow. But I prefer Final Carack for building 2.6000 and key-gen's. By the way, on www.astalavista.com you can find these same keygens for the activation key and a description of the algorithm for generating these keys. In general, MS bent :))))

madburro   (2001-11-13 21:03) [8]

Thanks, already set. Wash rulez :). Inet plows as a meteor. In general, I was not disappointed, but 98 left just in case :). But a problem arose, how to make XP understand Russian? In regional settings I’ll change English for rush, but he just added a new layout and began to understand the Russian names of the prog, but inside there are still hieroglyphs :( Maybe tell me what?

Amit   (2001-11-13 21:26) [9]

Who needs a keygen for XP and instructions on how to inflate Fine-soft ones without connecting to an Internet. tomorrow I’ll describe it all.

MadBurro   (2001-11-14 00:02) [10]

Everything worked out :)

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