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Components and their location for operator convenience (Delphi 3) Find similar branches

fishka   (2001-11-12 14:50) [0]

The user needs to enter numbers with two decimal places, for example, accrued, income tax, alimony, vacation pay, etc. What components are more convenient to use and how to arrange them so that the operator’s dialing speed is maximum Please advise.

Mbo   (2001-11-12 14:56) [1]

RX Library CurrencyEdit - the easiest
or maskedit

fishka   (2001-11-12 16:14) [2]

MaskEdit is not convenient. CurrencyEdit I'll see. And more options?

Val   (2001-11-12 17:41) [3]

Hmm, it’s not convenient (by the way, what is inconvenient?) - but standard, but this is a plus ...

fishka   (2001-11-13 09:23) [4]

MaskEdit - standard, this is a plus. Yes, that's right.
How to define an EditMask property for it
(so that you can enter 1, 2, 3, etc.-digit numbers,
and spaces inside numbers were not entered)? You can handle the error
only when leaving the field, i.e. the operator may notice an error
earlier, it will begin to fix, and this will lead to a loss of time.
And the location of the components is probably better from top to bottom?

Donal   (2001-11-13 11:48) [5]

IMHO, how to arrange - this is not the most important thing ... what's the difference, they will be from top to bottom, or from left to right? I would advise for speed by pressing Enter to go directly to the next element in the queue. Plus, essno, the tab queue itself is right to organize ...
although ... from left to right is the usual way of reading, therefore it is better that the input is carried out from left to right in the first place and from top to bottom in the second

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Forum: "Grab";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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