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РУС   (2001-11-11 21:27) [0]

Here is such a maza: I am an informal teacher. I’m getting along, supposedly the CD-RW drives are not intended for reading, or rather they are designed, but if they are used as often as a regular CD-Rom, then it will die faster. Is it true?

vasco   (2001-11-12 00:40) [1]

On a Mercedes, too, in principle, you can carry potatoes, but for some reason no one (I hope) does this.
Although, taking into account the current price drop for these devices, we can assume that soon it will simply not make sense to put a regular CD-ROM on the machine.

MJH   (2001-11-12 02:41) [2]

2RUS: tell your teacher:
Mar Ivanna, I congratulate you, but you are a fool
2vasco: agams, and when you consider that the new super-fast C-DUK "and have the ability to explode compacts

Smuggler   (2001-11-12 15:27) [3]

In principle, it used to be so, which I myself have witnessed (repeatedly). And about some ultra-modern CD-RWs, I don’t know.
Moreover, some toys, for example, do not start with CD-RW, but only with ordinary sidyuk.

Вячеслав   (2001-11-12 15:28) [4]

Well, I’ll add :)
There is such a thing-DirectCD Adaptekovskaya, so it is designed to work with sidyukom as with a floppy (write, read, erase, rewrite .....)
So by definition, it will not work with non-RW :)

MJH   (2001-11-12 17:19) [5]

You can bend any sidyuk, even if he is a writer and a rewriter, even a regular sidyuk. these are devices, mechanisms that tend to wear out, age, etc.

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-11-12 23:48) [6]

Vyacheslav © (12.11.01 15: 28)
Not certainly in that way

Никто   (2001-11-13 03:36) [7]

2 Vyacheslav © (12.11.01 15: 28)
Not at all like that.
I use it to archive my sources - on a regular CD-R.
But, the author of the question, so far, after all, should not use CD-R (W) as an audio player. Wait another year.

Вячеслав   (2001-11-13 10:07) [8]

2Anatoly Podgoretsky
True, yours is not quite :). I just think that in the case of "not intended" share not higher than not quite.

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