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DMFC 1.1.003a (that's what competition means!) Find similar branches

Sir Alex   (2002-02-04 19:44) [0]

[+] Search
[+] Installer
[-] Old bugs
[+] New bugs :)



B RGRDS, Sir Alex

McSimm   (2002-02-04 19:53) [1]


McSimm   (2002-02-04 20:06) [2]

Seriously, DMFC is out of competition.
Great program!

Sir Alex   (2002-02-05 15:25) [3]

> McSimm

> All
And, is anyone looking at the source code (or maybe they are not needed by anyone!?), Can there be any ideas on the implementation of the current functionality?

PS Write to whom something is missing, I will try to add to the program.

Sir Alex   (2002-02-05 15:39) [4]

PPS Already managed to find a bug:
The answer button practically does not work. It will work properly if you have previously updated the conference. I have already corrected, in minutes 20 -30 I upload a patch to the server (only exe).

Григорий Ситнин   (2002-02-05 16:25) [5]

Alex, Merlin, and who else is writing?

Merlin   (2002-02-05 16:26) [6]

you :)

Григорий Ситнин   (2002-02-05 16:33) [7]

What are you doing? =) Well, we froze ... So, okay ... I am in a good mood ... So you want the competition - Merlin, remind the link to the latest version of the protocol.

Григорий Ситнин   (2002-02-05 16:34) [8]

Shcha I will disaccustom to all of you here! =)

McSimm   (2002-02-05 17:09) [9]

> Gregory Sitnin © (05.02.02 16: 25)
> and who else writes?
So to say, "unofficially" - I am writing.
Those. I do not subscribe to a public project, but I am happy to share the results of my work.
According to the principle of who likes - use.

Sir Alex   (2002-02-05 17:19) [10]

Already available dmfc.exe patched:

Merlin   (2002-02-05 18:50) [11]

Battle of the giants :)

Oleg Gashev   (2002-02-05 22:36) [12]

> Sir Alex
Access Violation on click on the menu.

Sir Alex   (2002-02-06 19:44) [13]

> Oleg Gashev
What menu, when, under what circumstances? One AV doesn't tell me anything.

Григорий Ситнин   (2002-02-06 23:52) [14]

2 McSimm:
> So to say, "unofficially" - I am writing.
And share on gregor@kcsystema.ru results?

2 Merlin:
> Battle of the Giants :)
You all would have to beat large forms! Pervert! =)

McSimm   (2002-02-07 09:47) [15]

> And share on gregor@kcsystema.ru results?
It will be easier this way:


Григорий Ситнин   (2002-02-07 15:51) [16]

I looked. Not bad. =)

The people, and here, if I will use the Access base - will beat me? Or is it better to think about something else?

McSimm   (2002-02-07 15:56) [17]

> Gregory Sitnin © (07.02.02 15: 51)

Will be. Checked.

To do this, the Jet must be at least 4.0
Many below.

The “public” client (for all) should be as independent as possible from the configuration. And so it will turn out one more "who suits"

Sir Alex   (2002-02-07 18:22) [18]

> McSimm
In, in, when I suggested using SQL (Interbase, MS SQL, ...), all said in chorus "no."

Merlin (A)   (2002-02-12 18:55) [19]

Imagine that they write a proxy on RSDN.ru to emulate a local NNTP server that takes info. from server forums already via HTTP. Corresponding to Connect to it with any NewsReader, such as Outgluk.
The idea is very good, although not without flaws ... What do you think?

McSimm   (2002-02-12 19:38) [20]

Does this make sense? Only for those who are very used to news programs.
As far as I remember (I can be mistaken), requests to organize NNTP ceased to appear for a long time.

Outlook is not convenient in itself, but in relation to this task?
There is an oriented program, endowed with functionality that will not be in NNTP programs, it can be brought to any desired form by joint efforts.

Although for the alternative - it may not hurt. (see Subj) :)

Yours faithfully,

Personally, I don’t need to drag on any program :)

Sir Alex   (2002-02-18 17:38) [21]

2 Merlin

> Imagine that they write a proxy on RSDN.ru for emulation
> local NNTP server that takes inf. from server forums
> already on HTTP

I have already tried writing NNTP Gateway (it almost even worked), but the format of your base does not fit NNTP, of course you can, but it will be clumsy.
In general, if anyone interested in the source, or RFC associated with the NNTP, please contact.

> All
People, somebody uses DMFC or not (does everything work without glitches, then it's just great! (Is there really a second option: doesn't anyone need it !? :(

McSimm   (2002-02-18 17:45) [22]

> Sir Alex © (18.02.02 17: 38)
There is a third option. And he is closest to the truth. Most people use the program "as is". That will make the author update - maybe bugs glitches. And there is no need to pester him with your problems.

Sir Alex   (2002-02-18 17:57) [23]

> McSimm
Simply, you do, you do, and the development goes nowhere (in the sense, there is practically no backlash :(

I suggest, to enter in client.pl, the counters of requests from different programs. ie, the number of requests from my program, from Dolphin "a, NNTP (if there is), then there will be an objective assessment on the use of the program (of course, the counter will not tell how many people use the program, but this is not necessary). Merlin, McSimm think?

Nikolay   (2002-02-18 18:25) [24]

2 SirAlex is the reaction I use :)
there is a small mistake is not a mistake, I do not know how to say ...
when you update replies to topics, the progress window pops up
so this window can be expanded to the full ... IMHO it is not beautiful ... :)))

McSimm   (2002-02-18 18:29) [25]

I think this is more a question for Merlin, than for me. How difficult is it to assess the activity of calls to .pl
If this is a whole thing, then it is not worth it.
If it’s like two bytes to write, then why not.
It seems to me that it is easiest to distinguish between programs by the UserAgent field.
Only to release a new version and torment the people with my server without a resume just because of this I don’t want to.

And on the site logs can not see?
This, in principle, is also an indicator of interest in the product.
(My report that the program downloaded the 22 person - this is including the old versions :)

Sir Alex   (2002-02-18 19:13) [26]

2 Nikolay
I understand that you have the first version! Put a new one, there are no additional windows at all!

2 McSimm
It is not necessary to use UserAgent, in the request you can pass the program ID, (my-1, your-2, ...- 3, ...- 4), for example:
http://.../client.pl?getnew=lastmod&n=0& progID = 2
(it seems to me that handling this should not be difficult)

> And the site logs can not see?
Nope, I don't have access to the logs, the only thing I can do is use a redirect (like ... / getfile.cgi? Fl = dmfc-1.1.003a.zip) and CGI will already do the counting. But I don’t have time for this (to write a script).

McSimm   (2002-02-18 19:53) [27]

> Sir Alex © (18.02.02 19: 13)
Frankly, it seems to me that this is not necessary. I can understand your doubts - I remember how it all began, what the hype was and how everyone put forward their ideas. I remember myself participating (you realized a few of my wishes). Against this background, it may indeed seem that the interest and need for the program has disappeared and all the work is in vain.
Actually, I'm sure everything is wrong. There are a lot of DMFC users. I enjoyed it myself. (I would use it now - you didn’t have time with another version just a little :))

By the way, do not you think that the prefix "alpha" was somewhat delayed in the title? Is it time to raise? :)

Sir Alex   (2002-02-18 20:30) [28]

> I can understand your doubts - I remember how it all began,
> what was the hype and how everyone put forward their ideas. I remember
> he participated (you realized some of my wishes).
> Against this background, it may indeed seem that interest
> and the need for the program has disappeared and all work is in vain

To the very point!

Okay, let's see what Merlin says ...

> By the way, do not you think that the prefix "alpha" is somewhat
> delayed in the title? Is it time to raise? :)

I think to remove some errors in the latest version and then I will announce about "Beta Cycle". Yes, and help must be done (spied at you :)

Merlin   (2002-02-18 22:30) [29]

You can do it. Let's do this. In all requests substitute
UserAgent = la-la
name and version, then we will see full logs, by hits and hosts.
I will make visual statistics, make a separate page where you can download each client, speak about bugs and see the statistics.
Update the program, at the same time correct one nuance, changes in the 6 paragraph of the description (about the counter), the server response is reduced to a single format, and the referer is now given a separate parameter.
From where you can download new versions of clients, send me an email.

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