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A question from the field of psychology Find similar branches

smb   (2003-04-13 21:57) [0]

This is probably not a suitable forum for such questions, but I have not yet found a better place.
Question from the field of psychology. I can’t come to a definite opinion on a certain issue, moreover, it (opinion) is reversed at intervals of approximately 20-30 minutes. This does not seem to depend on external influences, and the change is due only to my thoughts. I used to consider myself capable of analyzing my condition, thoughts, etc., but now I began to doubt it.
Is this normal, or is it worth going to a psychiatrist? Has anyone had something like this?

PS You could even say that by law
X = A * sin (w * t + y0), with y0 and w not changing. "A" varies slightly depending on my physical condition :)

Aristarh   (2003-04-13 22:09) [1]

This is wrong growing up. I'm not so old, but compared to the 11 class, there are almost no questions left on which the opinion would not have changed. In years through 10-15 I think there will be something similar.

smb   (2003-04-13 22:11) [2]

Of course, opinion changes with age. But it shouldn’t change so fast.

smb   (2003-04-13 22:13) [3]

And you really are not much older than me. About a year and a half :)

Aristarh   (2003-04-13 22:18) [4]

I saw similar swings when the question was about a girl. In the afternoon there was a conversation, in the evening I went to Odessa for a conference.

What a conference, when the world of illusions collapsed! Deribasovskaya and beer. Then it was seven Fridays a week.

What is your question?

Плохой человек   (2003-04-13 22:27) [5]

In my opinion, the question is. Incorrectly you have it formulated, or something. You try to decompose it into questions, which can be answered clearly yes or no, or you can name the answer - a number, a word or something else. And so act ....

kaif   (2003-04-14 01:03) [6]

Based on the laws of psychology, it is rather not the question itself that is important that matters, but it is necessary to pay attention to such periodicity itself. Surely there is a motive expressing itself in such a strange way. That is, the frequency of changing opinions in 20-30 minutes is actually a symptom. Look for explanations not in the content of the question, but in the frequency of the symptom. A sensible aassociation may come to mind, which will explain everything. What else in your life had such a frequency (20-30 min)?

uw   (2003-04-14 01:18) [7]

No, this frequency does not happen.

Феликс   (2003-04-14 01:25) [8]

And what's so terrible that the mind is changing? Everything really depends on how you look at things. For instance! Have a girlfriend. Well, because there is the luxury of communication, there is much to spend sexual energy :), well, in general, you all understand. And on the other hand! You need to spend money, time that can be spent on some useful business and in the end you can quarrel with her or force yourself to do what you don't want to go (for example, go to the movies, although you better stay at home). If in 13: 00 you think that a girl is good (remembering the reasons indicated), then in 13: 20 you recall other reasons that change your mind. In short, there is nothing wrong here, it all depends on how you look at things and remember that the same phenomenon contains + so - that can change our opinion. It is important to choose what is more: + or -.

Threat. Who else cares? Dr. Felix will help you :)))))))))))))

Юрий Зотов   (2003-04-14 01:32) [9]

> smb (13.04.03 21: 57)
> Is this normal, or is it worth contacting a psychiatrist?

Worth it. Because the answer to the most important life question you are looking for is not among professionals in the right field, but among those who do not understand anything in this area. Is not even one THIS fact already testifies to some clouding of common sense?

When the TV breaks down, do you turn to an electronics engineer, or a plumber? And when the car junk - to a car mechanic, or to a sculptor?

But these are just pieces of iron. Compared to your health, nothing.

Гинацвали   (2003-04-14 01:49) [10]

2 Yuri Zotov

> When the TV breaks down, do you turn to an electronics engineer, or> plumbing? And when a car junk - to a car mechanic, or to a> sculptor?

And if the telly did not break, but does not work because it was not plugged in? It’s not always that a little should be run to the doctor, because everything can be easier. But one thing agrees the psychoanalyst has the right choice anyway. I think that it makes sense to go to him even if nothing bothers, especially since the doctors say: "there are no healthy people, there are no people examined."

Феликс   (2003-04-14 02:03) [11]

2 smb


smb   (2003-04-14 12:22) [12]

> Aristarh ©
> Felix ©
Almost guessed :)

Mystic   (2003-04-14 12:35) [13]

I remembered:

Libra is the most swinging sign of the zodiac. Strongly pumped, they forget about everything in the world. In a sober state, they are distinguished by an ugly habit of pondering a move. On the one hand, on the other hand, the scales are estimated ... And this makes the party with the scales difficult and debilitating for the enemy. But there is! Praise the move just made by the scales, and they will begin to scold him, and let the light stand. Themselves are upset by this. And then consider that your gain.

On what issues is the opinion changing? When I play chess, the opinion of the tangent of a particular move often changes within 3 minutes (you find a refutation, then a new resource, etc.) This is normal. The second question, what is the reason for the change of opinion?

PS Maybe you just don’t want to do business, and try to hide it under the guise of thinking about the problem?

smb   (2003-04-16 15:02) [14]

And how did you know that I am Libra?

D   (2003-04-16 15:04) [15]

Lecture by a professor of psychology:
- Colleagues, remember the two golden rules of psychotherapy!
The first rule. Minor anxieties are nothing.
The second rule. All alarms are minor.

Vlad Oshin   (2003-04-16 15:22) [16]

very vague. Neither think, do not flame :)
what is the reel about, comrade?

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