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How to clear the base? Find similar branches

Dmitriy O. ©   (2004-11-09 08:16) [0]

If there are a lot of entries in IB in which thread, and if this tab is cleared. That remains a lot of hidden trash. How to "take out" this garbage?

vv_fran   (2004-11-09 08:18) [1]

Backup restore

Dmitriy O. ©   (2004-11-09 08:27) [2]

> vv_fran (09.11.04 08: 18) [1]

And detail ? Is it possible to completely empty the base or tabla from IBExpert without garbage?

Nikolay M. ©   (2004-11-09 10:09) [3]


Dmitriy O. ©   (2004-11-10 08:00) [4]

> Nikolay M. © (09.11.04 10: 09) [3]

> vv_fran (09.11.04 08: 18) [1]

Thank you figured it out. The base has decreased very significantly
Well, the "garbage collector" this IB !!

Наталия ©   (2004-11-10 08:41) [5]

Dima, why do you need to reduce it? It is necessary on the contrary - to increase! :))
Or do you have a screw on 2 GB total? :))

Dmitriy O. ©   (2004-11-10 10:20) [6]

> Natalia © (10.11.04 08: 41) [5]

The base should increase due to data. And not garbage.
It so happened that to create reports it was necessary to transfer / erase a lot of records from another program and then I found that EMPTITABLE didn’t work fine on local databases
releases IB to the end. So the question arose about "garbage removal"

ЮЮ ©   (2004-11-10 10:24) [7]

> The base should increase due to data. And not garbage.

Therefore, only data should be poured into the database, and not any garbage for the report :)

Dmitriy O. ©   (2004-11-10 10:51) [8]

> only data, not every rubbish for a report

So if you wait until the data accumulates by eating, then you will not be able to make reports for the reporting period. Therefore, it is necessary to fill in the left data.

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2004.12.12;
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