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EthernalWonderer   (2004-11-09 12:31) [0]

Dear Masters!
Tell me, please, what can cause this behavior of the client program:
We have Oracle 9.2 over Win 2000, in the client program ODAC 3.5 Net.
When clients and server are in one local segment network, when attempting to connect the client application crashes. At the same time, when the program is started from outside the local segment or when directly on the server, everything works. Of course, the network is configured everywhere, ping to the server from all workplaces passes, there is also file access to the server. Moreover, the connection using a regular Oracle client (8.1.7), both inside and outside the network segment, passes without problems.
Looks like a problem in ODAC? If so, will not any of the Masters throw an e-mail link to the latest version (not the trial version :) for D6?

roottim ©   (2004-11-09 13:23) [1]

it was like lying around ...

EthernalWonderer   (2004-11-09 15:43) [2]

Yes, I found the 4.10 version there ... Really, I’ve been looking for it, I’ve gotten a bit harsh :) Thanks!

ps I have already dug up the 4.5 version - I will experiment ...

EthernalWonderer   (2004-11-10 10:32) [3]

For those who are interested, I report: the glitch disappeared after compiling the project with the ODAC version of 4.5. True, a new one immediately appeared - the mouse cursor stopped changing automatically on the watch while waiting for a response from the server, and the advice from the FAQ does not help ... But this can be easily corrected with pens ...

Good luck!

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2004.12.12;
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2004-11-18 17:50
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