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Victor Tsay   (2001-11-29 10:02) [0]

Good day to all!

Please advise how best to write the transfer processing and data updates.
There are two computers that connect once a day via modem. Modify and add data can on any of the computers. Maybe someone will advise how to make replication and updating data more elegant. Now I am inclined to the fact that for each table I make a copy of it where, during the "Post" event, I write the modified or added record and in the future I transmit all the changes (copies of the tables) by modem. Upon receipt, I process the resulting tables and, accordingly, add or change the working base.
But I do not like this method at all. It is too bulky, too many tables. Can anyone come across this?
Thank you in advance for your reply.

p@s   (2001-11-29 10:22) [1]

We used a table in which there was only an instance key, an instance version number and signs - created / modified / deleted. During replication, records were selected for which the s / m / y flag was set, the version number increased by one. The data retrieved was transferred to another office. There was a version analysis. The number of the incoming version of the instance should be one more than the current one. If more than one - it means they lost the package. If less than or equal, then the instance was adjusted in both places and it was necessary to ascertain in which place the data is relevant. This was usually done over the phone. After that, the replica was either accepted or rejected.
In short, something like this.

Dick Gonsales   (2001-12-04 05:33) [2]

You can when analyzing POST
immediately draw a line on
corresponding operation (APPEND FROM / DELETE FROM /)
and write as ddhhmmss.PRG
and send it by modem to another machine
let's say every 30 minutes, on the other hand, similarly
received files with cyclic bat
which, upon finding the * .prg file, executes it and then
move drive: / arc / yymmdd /

In this case, as I understand it, you will love
a lot of questions if your employees changed
one and the same line in these half an hour, which of them is right ???
You can of course add to each table by field
last_update (DATE) and look at it later who and parv,
but this is purely your specific sharpening and decide
only you can do it. Track such records for the same
last_update (date)

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2001-12-19 15:14
People, quite an easy question! Link to the procedure in one word.

2001-12-18 15:12
And you can block access to the folder, something like fmShareExclusive, but for the folder ???

2001-11-01 14:50
Books on API in Russian

2001-12-19 17:43
Question about DBGrid !!

Amelin Vadim
2001-12-03 20:42
Creating a database in InterBase

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