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Oracle ADO vs DOA - fido7.ru.delphi.db Find similar branches

Юрий Жуков   (2001-11-21 09:40) [0]

Last time I wrote under MSSQL2000 + ADO. Now you need to write
under Oracle

In this connection questions
1. Should I use ADO to access Oracle?
2. It is possible to use Direct Oracle Access (from AllRound).
Share your impressions (pliz links to resources dedicated to
using DOA)

Successful successes and successful successes!
Yuri Zhukov

petr_v_a   (2001-11-21 15:44) [1]

And why do we need ADO, BDE, etc? More than Oracle can (Sybase, Interbase ...) they will not provide, and the extra layer, and quite heavy, is dragged behind the project. In the usual client-server, all these pribludy do not make sense.
DOA can do everything TDataset can do, it integrates with OCI with a bang, I haven’t bothered about the glitches. True, all my database changes go through procedures, so I’m not sure how it automatically creates update / insert / delete.

Yuvich   (2001-11-21 19:11) [2]

Look at ODAC www.crlab.com, if you use the NET version, then the Oracle client is not needed - one ekzeshnik. Yes, and so very convenient. Compare with DOA, maybe like it.

ASV   (2001-11-22 01:24) [3]

I use DOA. Fundamental claims no .. comfortable.

Alexander Sviridenkov

nic406   (2001-12-04 07:20) [4]

Worked with DOA-no problem.

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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Man in red
2001-12-16 14:31
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