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Delphi and MySql Find similar branches

RDA   (2001-12-01 12:48) [0]

Masters, somebody used this bunch.
I would like to hear feedback and get links to resources where you can read about it.

Light Elf   (2001-12-01 19:25) [1]

Here I begin to use.
I have 6 Delphi. There is a dbExpress tab - just for working with similar databases. Toka seems to be glitchy.
It works normally through ADO -> ODBC.
A link to the driver is in one of the related posts.

XCB   (2001-12-03 17:26) [2]

Rda, hear, you have to go to work and ask questions there ...
Good people at work ... sometimes they even answer questions,
if those who come there (to work) are asked ...

Котелок   (2001-12-04 07:35) [3]

Well what can I say ...

Personally, I really like this bunch of Delphi 4 + MySql 3.23.42 Win32.
It works just fine in terms of speed and reliability.
Although of course there are some shoals here (well without them).

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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2001-12-20 16:46
Copy to Clipboard

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2001-12-05 11:46
How to create a user with permissions like sysdba

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2001-12-15 16:33
Question about

3 - 21937
2001-12-04 18:24
How do I change the color in a particular row to a table in DBGRID

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3d [Power]
2001-10-06 18:16
Network code for the game.

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