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Glitches in VDE Find similar branches

Jaya!   (2001-11-11 12:58) [0]

Gentlemen, why often when you debug programs with databases with incorrect queries, you have to reboot the machine, because BDE just completely refuses to continue working after this, because of this, he sat all night and reloaded the machine for a longer time instead of doing more useful things.
How to deal with this?

nil   (2001-11-12 01:08) [1]

do not do not correct requests

Дим   (2001-11-12 01:44) [2]

You can choose an alternative path - switch to other FIBPlus or IBObjects engines.

Nest   (2001-11-12 08:54) [3]

Never had to restart the car because of the BDE.
Just close the applications that used it and reopen it.
I can also offer Win2K. It’s really safer to work on.

MIsha   (2001-11-12 12:17) [4]

Use error handling and correctly close the table.

login-password   (2001-11-12 20:57) [5]

Well tell you. BDE has nothing to do with this when writing a fairly large project, when hidden errors creep into the program (not syntactic, not correct actions of the programmer, in some cases or other). With increasing experience, such cases decrease (more often, just the feature of a large project moves back :))). But there is a way out. Even when there was no 2000, I tried to work in NT 4.0. There, the development environment did not hang. Now you can use 2000. Well, in general, everything will work out for you a little, you will not do stupid things and then NT will not be needed (I know from my own experience, everything will work out over time :)))

panov   (2001-11-12 21:27) [6]

> All
Dear colleagues!

I hasten to assure everyone that it is the BDE that hangs, and (of course), with programmer errors.

For example, when working with DB DBase.
Perhaps this happens when an emergency user program, DBExplorer, is aborted during long operations with erroneous queries.
As a rule, only a reboot helps with Win9x; under WinNT4, "killing" all the processes associated with working with a database (and even then not always).

Why is this happening, to say, unfortunately, I can not :-(

Jaya1   (2001-12-02 07:33) [7]

But the trouble is that I work under XP and Win2000SR1

ao1973   (2001-12-03 14:58) [8]

The reason is that BDE should normally close all resources.
belonging to it (tables, session database, etc.) if, in case of an error, you accidentally remove the application, then you steal resources from the BDE.
If an error occurs, try to close the application normally and increase the resources allocated to it through BDEadmin

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