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The problem with finding the Long field in Oracle Find similar branches

Nailka   (2001-12-04 16:16) [0]

Good people!
Any thoughts on how to solve the search problem in a Long field (size up to 2 Gigabytes) in Oracle 7.3. The manual says that in a field of this type only operators of the type Insert, Update, etc. are valid. and that’s it. A field of type Varchar2 has a length of 2000 characters, and I need to store and search on 64K order. Maybe someone already solved a similar problem?

Yuvich   (2001-12-04 16:29) [1]

I solved a similar problem like this:
- you make a table where the blob is stored by the master.
- attach a child table to it (let's call it info).
There are only two fields in this table - the foreign key of the wizard and the varchar2 (2000) field (let's call it text).
When the application received the final text that needs to be written, then you hit it on the lines of the text field, the size of the text, and do the inserts in info as much as the number of lines. To display the full text in the application, you select all the lines and concatenate them. After editing (for example) again, hit the lines and write again in info.

Well, there you can hang all sorts of features such as "version control", "accounting for the one who changed", etc.

Nailka   (2001-12-04 17:04) [2]

Thank you for your help, I also thought about such an option, the truth will follow everything a little gimmickily. My database used to be local and the search on LIKE worked (although the Upper operator could not be used), but now Oraklovsky put it on the server - it got out, Mlyn

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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