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arithmetic overflow or string truncation with Restore Find similar branches

kaif   (2001-12-04 17:42) [0]

I have a big problem with the operation of TIBRestoreService (IBX4.62). Dialect 3 Database. When Restore the database, a random failure occurs on either PRIMARY KEY or FOREIGN KEY. I don’t feel any system. Help advice, who can.

Вячеслав   (2001-12-04 18:44) [1]

And something like set names to register at the beginning?

kaif   (2001-12-04 19:08) [2]

The Restore service does not seem to have such parameters. I looked at the text TIBRestoreService. Like IBConsole, it only calls the isc_service_start function (StatusVector, @FHandle, nil,
FStartSPBLength, FStartSPB), False);
Using the spear method, it was found that:
1) Restore assigns new names to the RDB $ ... indexes in the RDB $ INDICES table. So a sense of the random nature of the failure arises from this.
2) Restore cannot restore the PRIMARY KEY of the table if it has only one (!) ID field and the PRIMARY KEY (ID) is specified in the table definition.
3) There are a number of other situations where Restore fails the same way. And it’s very strange. For example, there is a SMALLINT DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL field and the table is empty. I'm busy deleting tables one by one and doing Backup / Restore, hoping to get at least one normal Restore. Just some kind of nightmare ...

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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6 - 22312
2001-10-15 00:24
Hey, who knows about Indy? Help is needed!

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Eugene Zelikovsky
2001-12-14 13:58

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2001-12-03 15:12
Data Storage

3 - 21910
2001-12-04 08:01
Number of entries in the table?

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2001-12-14 16:53
Good day

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