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Tell me the easiest way to register BDE Find similar branches

pov   (2001-11-26 12:19) [0]

Lord of the master!
Tell me the easiest way to register BDE when installing the program. I can’t understand the standard IS. Well, stupid yet ...

User_OKA   (2001-11-26 15:29) [1]

If IS is InstallSheld, then you can specify in one of the options so that BDE automatically lands during installation. What is the problem?

pov   (2001-11-27 05:50) [2]

I just can’t deal with InstallSheld normally, maybe there is a sensible guide (preferably in Russian) ...

User_OKA   (2001-11-27 07:54) [3]

Come on! Who reads these manuals?
Use the poke method!
He had never cheated on me yet.

Sava   (2001-11-27 08:08) [4]

What BDE is easy to install with the program is a fact, that’s just the question, but what if I install the program on a machine where BDE is already installed, it’s the infection IS another copy of BDE, but how to make it write only alice, here’s the question .
> pov
And about the help, I have a little one, only User_OKA has nothing to read there, everything is done at the subconscious level. But if you want to send it.

User_OKA   (2001-11-27 08:19) [5]

> Sava
To register aliases, you need to edit (of course, during installation or at the first boot of the program) the BDE-based idapi.cfg file. Here it’s not a sin to look into help delphi. Somewhere I saw similar procedures!

Sava   (2001-11-27 08:37) [6]

> User_OKA
It’s not a question of how to make sure that the second copy of BDE is not raised, how to find out whether BDE is installed or not at the time of installation, and registering Alice is no longer a problem. If I myself will pose there are no questions, you will do a custom installation and you will not put DBE, but if you are going to use a short-range user, when you ask about BDE, he will have no associations at best, and at worst (if the user tries to think), then he will panic it will start.
How to do all this automatically at the time of installation, that’s the question

User_OKA   (2001-11-27 10:06) [7]

Yes, do not ask the user anything and all! No selective conditions. He clicked on setup.exe and leaned back in his chair! :-)
IS allows such an installation to cook up. In principle, with the second copy of BDE, usually no problems either. As the saying goes, well, let yourself sit! ;-)

Sava   (2001-11-27 10:51) [8]

> User_OKA
I have nothing against the second kip, but somehow not neat :))
And about the "leaned back" I agree one hundred percent. But here’s how to be more careful :))) Is that a question?

gun19456   (2001-11-27 12:30) [9]

We need to do two inst. 1- bde 2- the program itself and there will be no problems!

User_OKA   (2001-11-27 15:12) [10]

> Sava
Accuracy is not a vice!

Max314   (2001-11-27 17:28) [11]

NEED TO BE ABLE bdeinst.cab
and run regsvr32 bdeinst.cab on the client machine
and everything is ok-ob

manumba   (2001-11-27 20:05) [12]

By the way, the installation can not be done! Just copy the necessary BDE files to the directory with the executable file and all problems will disappear.

Advantages (the most basic):
1. no need to install BDE
2. no need to torment yourself with the question "Is BDE installed on my computer or will I spoil something with my installation"
3. ....

Disadvantages (the most basic):
1. you cannot work with aliases (probably ... I did not check, but something tells me that you can’t :))
2. (the first paragraph follows) will have to bother with directories (DataBaseName: = "The name of the directory where the database lies")
3. ...

The following option seems convenient to me:
- There is a directory with your program (and BDE files are required along with this program) (\ ExeDirectiry \ "your_prog.he")
- All database files are in a subdirectory of your main directory (\ ExeDirectory \ Database \ "DB").
- When you need to connect to the database, I do the following (or something similar):
Table1.DatabaseName: = ExtractFilePath (Application.ExeName) + "DataBase \";

Of course, in this case you can’t hit the user with the IS installer :)))

And if the user is seper-lamer, then archive the program in the EXE archive, and say that this is a very fashionable installer :))))

DmitrySI   (2001-11-28 10:58) [13]

To maxxnumx
More correctly not regsvr32 bdeinst.cab but regsvr32 bdeinst.dll

bdeinst.dll is unpacked from bdeinst.cab

MAX314   (2001-11-28 12:54) [14]

to DmitrySI
soria really described

anatoly   (2001-11-28 12:55) [15]

pov, don’t worry, go to http://www.jrsoftware.org and get a free installer there, the documentation of which contains a description of how to install bde and how to create aliases on another computer, plus all this is civilized, plus free .. If you go, go to third-party files and download istool (it makes scripting much easier).

with respect.

veles   (2001-11-30 11:05) [16]

Thank you all very much !!!

DeNNiss   (2001-12-03 15:59) [17]

People, and you have not tried to use WISE Inst.? everything is elementary there, and the BDE sets, and prescribes aliases, and the path to the database can be pre-set, in general - that's it.

DenYa   (2001-12-03 16:54) [18]

In-in. WISE - he will do everything,
Check if not - install, if it is - install only alias.

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