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hair   (2001-12-03 15:12) [0]

You need to store a small set of data, the format does not matter, although the text, the main thing is not to use any additional software products (BDE, etc.), you need components.

Deniz   (2001-12-03 15:25) [1]

1. Supply EXE-shnik + several DLLs (2 or 3)
2. No registration
3. Tables with cds extension
4. The index must be built in the program (not saved to disk)
5. All the features of working with TTable (but there are some jokes with SaveToFile).
If that write.
Good luck.

hair   (2001-12-03 15:28) [2]

Interesting, thanks. And where can I find it?

alexander_vasjuk   (2001-12-03 15:43) [3]

In the component palette

Romkin   (2001-12-03 17:15) [4]

On the MIDAS tab
Moreover, if the file is given the * .xml extension, it will write in XML, but without the% ((

Ю.Ю.   (2001-12-04 04:48) [5]

And which dlls are needed?

Slava   (2001-12-04 11:01) [6]

Need 1 dlls:

midas.dll for Delphi> 4
dbclient.dll for delphi = 4

Romkin   (2001-12-04 11:32) [7]

stdvcl32.dll, stdvcl40.dll (for D4 and higher), and it is necessary to register by calling regsvr32

Slava   (2001-12-04 13:18) [8]

> Romkin

Why all this?

I just created (Д6) the backend with an empty form, threw ClientDataSet on it, defined the fields, made "Create DataSet", saved it to a file,
filled in the FileName field and compiled.

Then he transferred to another machine (D was not spawn there, OS - NT4):
- my exe,
- my data file * .xml
- midas.dll

and everything works. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? :about)

Slava   (2001-12-04 13:21) [9]

Yes, I forgot.

I also put DataSource and DBGrid on the form - well, to change the data :)

Romkin   (2001-12-04 13:43) [10]

Wrong, it happens. Indeed, stdvcl40 describes IProvider, IDataBroker, IStrings. Accordingly, for D4 it is necessary, for D5 - only if there are IStrings (But it seems that TImages uses IStrings somehow? - it seems there were bloopers).
StdVcl32 - Deprecated (D3) and not required

alexander_vasjuk   (2001-12-04 19:59) [11]

Romkin © (03.12.01 17: 15)
About CML and drawings
Formpat does not depend on expansion. and from the SaveToFile parameter
And drawings are perfectly saved in XML
The only thing is he is much bigger

Delirium   (2001-12-04 20:11) [12]

In .ini files, of course!

ShaggyDoc   (2001-12-05 09:05) [13]

In fact, you can use INI files to store small data sets, as Delirium pointed out. I even had to do a certain "INI-DB". This was due to the need to access the data of various programs, including those that read nothing but text.

The second option that I use is using kbmMemTable and storing data (including graphics) in CSV format. The advantage here is that it is the successor to TDataSet with all the attendant benefits when used in Delphi. And generally no dlls and engines.

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2001-12-19 14:58
Who knows how to pull out the IP editor of the IP address or which component?

Yegor Matveyev
2001-09-24 02:41
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How to bypass an access violation while attempting to write (+)

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