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How to configure IB5 with Win2000 Server Find similar branches

gordon   (2001-12-04 18:19) [0]

Tell me how to configure the network paths to IB Server installed under Windows 2000 Server? The IP address is specified in the server setup, and domain names are configured through DNS. If I write the server address directly to host, then IB Diag through Winsock reports that host was not found. Spin on it like a blind kitten in a box. With the system administrator tried a lot. Maybe someone stepped on such a rake? Maybe we are missing something

gordon   (2001-12-04 20:15) [1]

Addition: I connect to the database locally from the server without problems. When trying to connect to the server via TCP / IP, the message follows: "Unable to complete network request to host" ibservice ".
-Failed to establish a connection.
-Connection is not established, because destination computer rejected connection request "

Deniz   (2001-12-05 06:42) [2]

First, write what is on the client (os, net settings)
IB version (accurate)
There can be many problems. Solutions too.
1. Check ping <ip server>.
2. If it does not respond, then the problem is in the TCP / IP settings.
3. If it responds, but there is no connection with IB, then check on the server the indication in the file ... (I do not remember exactly, but this is the port setting) something like gdsdb 3050 tcp / ip.
4. If it doesn’t help, then remove IB on the server and IB on the client, repeat points 1 and 2, after solving the problem put IB and test it.
Good luck.
PS: When testing, try to specify the name and IP of the server.

gordon   (2001-12-05 10:22) [3]

Deniz, many thanks for the answer. Sorry to bother you.
The problem lay in the activation of the IB server: it was installed with the Media Kit (licensed), and unlike the free Kit, it requires all IDs and activation keys to be entered on the server, including and Remote Access License. Conclusion and recommendation to Russian users: carefully read to everyone the papers attached to licensed products (unlicensed ones too): - Q.

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Forum: "Bases";
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