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asafr   (2001-12-04 18:11) [0]

There is a Detail-Detail report in FastReport. Each DetailBend (DetailBend1, DetailBend2) is associated with a different DataSet (DataSet1, DataSet2). There are also two HeaderDetail (HeaderDetail1, HeaderDetail2 - respectively). It is necessary that when CheckBox.Checked: = True / False, the second part of the report is printed / not printed on the Delphi form in the report (DataSet2). I can do nothing - in my opinion everything is correct, but the code does not work: Bands is always visible when Visible = True. What's wrong? What do not take into account?
procedure Tfm_Form1.frReport1BeforePrint (Memo: TStringList; View: TfrView); var DetHeader, DetData: TfrBandView; begin DetHeader: = TfrBandView (frElectroGroup.FindObjec ("DetHeader1")); DetData: = TfrBandView (frElectroGroup.FindObject ("DetData1")); if CheckBox.Checked = True then begin if DetHeader <> nil then DetHeader.Visible: = True; if DetData <> nil then DetData.Visible: = True; end else begin if DetHeader <> nil then DetHeader.Visible: = False; if DetData <> nil then DetData.Visible: = False; end; end;

Girl   (2001-12-05 01:11) [1]

Hang on an OnGetValue event handler. Not Visible, but ShowBand

Girl   (2001-12-05 01:13) [2]

those. sorry, at first it was necessary to read completely. :)
No need to hang anything on OnGetValue. Just use ShowBand instead of Visible.

asafr   (2001-12-05 12:14) [3]

Girl, thanks. But I Undeclared identifier "ShowBand". And I do not want to change anything in the source. AT FR_Class.pas procedure ShowBand is registered as private. What do you do in this case?

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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