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set   (2001-12-05 00:08) [0]

There is a small program for working with databases. It is necessary that at its every launch it checks the presence of its bases with which it works (and their 25-35 pieces) and statistics, for example, checks are shown, say, in the Label or (it seems) in statusbare or somewhere else. And yet, if the database is not found or is damaged, so that it would ask the user for permission to restore the database from the archive. And how to make the program automatically save its database in a special archive on disk, and when needed, it could restore the database from the same archives.
If possible, the answer in the box: izak@bk.ru.
I understand that I have got everyone, but I need an exhaustive answer, but I simply don’t have enough time. I asked everywhere, but almost no one knows

Igorok   (2001-12-05 10:39) [1]

I once had to do the same in FoxPro, came out of this situation like this:
I iterate through the bases, usually they are located in the same directory, and I open each base. If the base is damaged then when you open it there will be an error that you write to the log or show on the screen in the way that suits you best.
Good luck!

panov   (2001-12-05 12:20) [2]

1. Integrity check
In a database such as Paradox and DBase, you can check it only by reading each table from beginning to end.
If the header is damaged, an error will appear immediately upon opening the table.

2. Preservation.
It is best (in my opinion) to keep the list of tables and indexes in a separate file and check at program start through the list.
To save, use either standard utilities (PKZIP25, ARJ, RAR, etc.) or FreeWare components, which are sufficient on Internet.
Daily we carry out procedure of archiving.
3. Recovery.
If an error is detected (see section 1), we restore all tables from the last archive.

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Forum: "Bases";
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