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VariK   (2001-12-05 15:14) [0]

is it possible to assign a variable to a particular record after executing the SQL query?

TSV   (2001-12-05 15:26) [1]

Yes, it is possible if:

1. CanModify = true for TQuery.
2. It is necessary that the data types coincide.
3. Switch to Edit mode first.

Good luck.

VariK   (2001-12-05 16:11) [2]

I heard about Canmodify about it .. I just don’t quite get it, how can I activate it .. can this be done in short?

TSV   (2001-12-05 16:40) [3]

CanModify is a readonly property, defines the ability to edit TQuery. In order for TQuery to be edited, you need to set RequestLive = True. The trick is that it is not always with RequestLive = True CanModify = True.

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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