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strahov   (2001-12-05 15:32) [0]

when connecting to an MS SQL 7.0 type database
DataBase1.connected: = true;
in fact, it doesn’t perform the connection as it should, and regardless of the value of the above property, when the first query is opened, the standard connection dialog flies out again, and if everything is OK again, then everything else is decent. The output can be connected via BDE type
DataBase1: = session.OpenDataBase ("Name");
But how in this case to get away from the standard diploma window offered by Bormann for connecting to the database?
Best regards

Tonie   (2001-12-05 15:40) [1]

1. It looks like your query is not attached to DataBase1
(property QueryX.DataBaseName = DataBase1.DataBaseName should be and not Alias ​​in your database ...)

2. And Login Promt is disabled by the DataBase1.LoginPromt property

3. And all this in Help exists

strahov   (2001-12-05 16:08) [2]

I think this is not a solution to the problem. Take connect to the database using the installation of St.
connected: = true;
and as I wrote above. Then, through the Debug Inspector (Ctrl + Left Button), look at the contents of the DataBase1 and enjoy the difference in the values ​​of the variables. In QueryX.DataBaseName, you need to specify an alias for the portability of the database from one machine to another, setting up only BDE. This is in the help. Login Promt for OpenDataBase via BDE is not needed, because the opening is by name (character string) in BDE and the function itself is the value of a connected database with parameters from BDE.
Best regards

Tonie   (2001-12-05 18:09) [3]

> In QueryX.DataBaseName you need to specify an alias,
Then for each query you will have your own connection, so many times, and login will need to be done, for that there is TDataBase, DataBase1 has the property AliasName there and write Alias, and they set the DataBaseName themselves and use the rest in the DataBaseComponents, then Promt pops up only with DataBase .Connected: = true and everything works ...

... Delphi5 / Demo / Db / MastApp see unit DataMod

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