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Error activating TTable ??? Find similar branches

Николаев Констанитн   (2001-12-04 20:54) [0]

Dear experts!

What does the "Index is out of date" error mean?

Yours faithfully,

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-12-05 01:02) [1]


Ю.Ю.   (2001-12-05 02:48) [2]

Error in the index file. It is necessary to delete and create anew.

Никто   (2001-12-05 03:48) [3]

By the way, very frequent, unfortunately, for Paradox.

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2001-12-05 08:04) [4]

And the primary key?

andey   (2001-12-05 21:33) [5]

As far as I remember, this error occurred when I created a table, then wrote a program and then changed the name of the table field and the next time the component links were set to the old field name

kaif   (2001-12-05 22:13) [6]

This error exists in D3, D4, D5. In D6 did not check, but I am sure it is there. I tried to write even on Borland Second Team about this, but no one even wanted to listen to me - they were sent to forums. Although this is a monstrous bug, in my opinion. The error is generated by the following algorithm:
1. Insert a record in the Paradox table, in violation of the unique index. No matter primary or secondary. Key violation occurs.
2. Make an innocent SQL query against this table. Anyone for example
SELECT * FROM <table>
3. Insert another entry in violation of a unique index. Key violation message no longer appears.
After reopening the table, you are guaranteed to have "Index is out of date."
Who does not believe, I can send the source code of the demo program.
Because of this, I had to choose between Paradox and Local SQL. The choice was difficult. And I chose InterBase.
The main meanness of this error is that the programmer does not usually try to create more than 1 key violation in a row. This is usually the user. Therefore, the error is poorly perceptible and sometimes gets out after a couple of months of base operation.

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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