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Client connection to the database Find similar branches

Dush   (2001-12-06 12:37) [0]

Good day! The problem is this:
LAN, on one machine - IB Server, on another, respectively IB Client. I'm trying to connect to the database from the client - but it doesn’t work out: (((
Help please. (if possible in steps)
Threat system on both machines Win 98. No machine is a network server (if this is important).

Kapusto   (2001-12-06 12:41) [1]

It does not matter...
The connection line to the base is in the studio!
The server and the base should lie on the same computer ...
Through BDE tried to connect?

Desdechado   (2001-12-06 12:46) [2]

What network protocols are installed?

Dush   (2001-12-06 12:53) [3]

through BDE does not work. I tried to do according to the book: I created the 2 file of the Hosts and Service - anyway.
And what do you mean by the line of connection?

Romkin   (2001-12-06 12:53) [4]

Have you entered the certificates?
there is a separate license for remote access
Try Communication Diagnostics

Dush   (2001-12-06 12:59) [5]

> Desdechado ©
> Romkin ©
does not work

Romkin   (2001-12-06 13:10) [6]

You do not need to create files - they already exist: win95 | 98 - in the windows directory
in WinNT - system32 / drivers / etc
the connection string is what the diagnostics write, for IP - of the form
<CompName>: <local database path>
approximately DelphiComp: c: \ base \ base.gdb
in Service - register a string
gds_db 3050 / tcp
in hosts - addresses, it says there
Locally connects ??

Dush   (2001-12-06 13:22) [7]

Locally, yes.
comp28: c: \ ibfo \ base \ ibfo.gdb
In Windows there are files services.isc, services - where to register that?
Is 3050 / tcp a port? and if I have 3128 then the record looks like - 3128 / tcp?
Another question: should the folder with the database be shared or not?

Romkin   (2001-12-06 13:57) [8]

is ping coming?
again - remote access license?
3050 is the port. Standard, it needs to be entered
No need to fumble a folder in any case - the server accesses the database, not the client
A file is the one at the beginning of which the instruction and then a bunch of similar lines
Try to enter the IP address instead of the computer name
Try connecting via NetBEAU (\\ comp28 \ c: \ ibinfo ...)

Dush   (2001-12-06 14:51) [9]

Thanks a lot for your help! Everything turned out to be almost simple: the system administrator told me the wrong IP address of the machine, but I did not check: ((I registered the normal address ... and lo and behold - it worked))))

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