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How to dynamically update the database using Table? Find similar branches

bars   (2002-07-18 23:16) [0]

People!!! Pliz, the problem is as follows: my program uses FOXPRO's Bd, they are on a server, and clients on a local network open them using the Table. When one of them makes changes, it is necessary that they are displayed in the others. For some reason, the Refresh method does nothing, the function on the BDE API is also silent. It is updated only when you do Close and Open of this database, but even on the 4 mb file, local computers are dying, the mesh is cracking at the seams. Maybe there is some more cardinal way?

Desdechado   (2002-07-19 12:00) [1]

do not use file server, use SQL server

bars   (2002-07-19 12:04) [2]

Exclusively so?

MsGuns   (2002-07-19 12:16) [3]

Remove buffering, but handle the OnPostError event

bars   (2002-07-19 16:35) [4]

Buffering removed, but Refresh did not earn from it. How to update the display?

Desdechado   (2002-07-19 17:14) [5]

SQL-server does not chase the entire database over the network

bars   (2002-07-19 23:15) [6]

I understand about the SQL server, but I need through the fucking Grid. The most interesting thing is that when you turn off buffering, the contents of the database on the screen are not updated, how can you be?

Viewer   (2002-07-20 00:14) [7]

Do not reinvent the wheel, especially nature is against you.
1. SQL server
2. Windows Terminal Edition (Win2000 server)
3. Own server App.

The second option is very saving - there is no need to rewrite the App.

Desdechado   (2002-07-20 18:58) [8]

> I understand about the SQL server, but I need to go through a fucking Grid
don't seem to understand. This is generally from different planes of the concept. Grid can be stuck to anything, incl. to sampling (Query) from SQL-DB

bars   (2002-07-21 19:59) [9]

To Desdechado: Sorry a reservation, I meant not Grid and Table. I need to implement through a file server.

Anatoly Podgoretsky   (2002-07-21 20:24) [10]

Maybe you have caching or incorrectly configured BDE, as it is updated normally

bars   (2002-07-23 12:03) [11]

Thank you all, SQL solved the problem

VAleksey   (2002-07-23 14:05) [12]

Hm Gates something to me from the "dynamic change display."
Well, at least someone tell me that this does not happen!
For TTable you need Refresh or Close - Open (which is essentially the same !!!)
TQuery needs to re-execute the query.
DO NOT HAVE such a thing as a "dynamic change display"! Another thing is that you can try to accomplish it unnoticed by the user (himself).

Bars   (2002-07-23 17:04) [13]

To VAleksey: I actually do this, the problem arises when the bases acquire a significant amount and the so-called Refresh takes 5 seconds of complete "connecting the program to space". Naturally, on the base, the size of 1 MB such problems simply do not exist. This is how it is.

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Kak mne sdelat progu shtob ona rabotala s udallennoj Access db

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