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FastReport 2.41 how to change values ​​in the database from the designer in runtime? Find similar branches

AleksandrKu   (2003-04-14 17:03) [0]

In the installation I found the components ADOTable AdoDatabase
there you can create a form and basic elements so by pressing the button I need to change the value of a field
Who knows how to do this? I can’t find the descriptions of these components.

NickBat   (2003-04-14 17:10) [1]

I can not understand the connection between the question and its description.

AleksandrKu   (2003-04-14 17:14) [2]

Generally in Fast reporte I draw the form I put the button on it, ADOTable, ADOConnect
and by pressing the button I want some field value to change
How can this be implemented?

NickBat   (2003-04-14 17:24) [3]

Hmm .. I’ve been working with FastReport for a long time, but it never occurred to me to use it from this side.
Live and learn.

AleksandrKu   (2003-04-14 17:27) [4]

conveniently, it would be possible to draw forms for working with database (custom) and then insert these forms into the menu (take the name and file from the base database) and it would be unnecessary to re-compile the project

AleksandrKu   (2003-04-15 10:09) [5]

If anyone is interested, then this can be done through Query
We put the FRADOQuery form on the Fr, write a request for changing or adding, insert parameters using the parameter editor (we attach them, for example, to Edit) and at the end of the request it is advisable to add some sample (let it slow down a bit)
otherwise, it says that there is nothing to display.

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2003.05.01;
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