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Problem with Ehlib Find similar branches

Jaxtor   (2003-04-11 10:19) [0]

I work with the DBGridEh component from Ehlib. I work with IBDataSet.
Somehow, somewhere inside the components from Ehlib happens
transaction confirmation I do not want to confirm
(checked through debug mode).
What do you advise, gentlemen of the master?

Mike Kouzmine   (2003-04-11 10:20) [1]

So once I checked, you know where, take it away.

Jaxtor   (2003-04-11 10:22) [2]

I checked it through Step Over. And through Trace Into it's a long time
do. But how could it be otherwise?

Johnmen   (2003-04-11 10:28) [3]

> somewhere inside the components from ehlib going
> transaction confirmation

Nonsense, however ...

Jaxtor   (2003-04-11 10:31) [4]

How can I confirm a transaction?
Commit, CommitRetaining ....; Post does not fit.
There are no such commands in the source, but the transaction
somewhere inside the EhLib source code is confirmed.

Jaxtor   (2003-04-11 10:33) [5]

> Nonsense, however ...
I also thought it was nonsense. But when I started using the debugger
was extremely surprised.

Jaxtor   (2003-04-11 10:38) [6]

I have a dataset attached to DBGridEh1, there it has an event
AfterPost is suspended transaction confirmation. Just me method
Post I do not call.

Johnmen   (2003-04-11 10:38) [7]

What specifically surprised then? Tell me, we also want to wonder! :)))

Соловьев   (2003-04-11 10:39) [8]

> Just me method
> I do not call Post.

it is automatically called when your ND goes into dsBrowse mode ...

Jaxtor   (2003-04-11 10:42) [9]

Excuse me, please ... a large project is hanging on me, but there is not much experience. Specialists only sit here.

Jaxtor   (2003-04-11 10:44) [10]

> it is automatically called when your ND goes into> dsBrowse mode ...
Yes, most likely because of this, an error occurs to me.

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2003.05.01;
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