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Connection of two tables Find similar branches

Pat   (2003-04-11 17:38) [0]

There are two tables. They need to be linked with each other. But while the program is running, you need to change the Master and Detail tables in places, i.e. the table that was Master should be Detail and vice versa. Plus Detail table is always the Master table for thirds. Advise how to do it better ...

MsGuns   (2003-04-11 19:37) [1]

Which components + which database?

Pat   (2003-04-11 19:40) [2]

Access via Ado
Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0

MsGuns   (2003-04-11 19:42) [3]

True, there are ways more or less universal:

1. Through related requests. To change the vertical, close both NDs and re-register the DataSource data sheet (in the new master, empty, in the new item, the New Master) and then open

2. 2 forms (panels) with two pairs of TDataSource-> TDataSet-> on the same pair of tables. Depending on the mode of the panel, we switch it over.

Pat   (2003-04-11 22:14) [4]

Thanks for the advice, in principle, I also wanted to do it. I will stop, perhaps, on the second ... I will throw PageControl. And forward :-))

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2003.05.01;
Download: [xml.tar.bz2];


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