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SpiritS   (2002-10-30 15:35) [0]

Dear masters, help me figure it out. I’m trying to make an editor for BLOB fields (the same as in standard Delphi examples using the TRichEdit component), but such a problem arises - a mismatch between the displayed text on the screen and the same text on paper. I have a question. How can I make sure that, depending on the sheet format I have selected (portrait, landscape), the text editing area of ​​this component automatically adjusts to this format (as in Word "e)?

ЮЮ   (2002-10-31 04:42) [1]

Change the width of the TRichEdit component. For horizontal scrolling use SсrollBox

SpiritS   (2002-10-31 11:21) [2]

Thanks for the answer. As I understand it, depending on the sheet format I choose or its type, I just change the width / height of the component editing area. But the following problem arises. After all, everything is measured in pixels, and I know the sheet format in centimeters. Can you tell me how to convert centimeters to pixels, or at least the width / height of the A4 sheet in pixels.

ЮЮ   (2002-10-31 11:47) [3]

The width / height of the A4 sheet in pixels depends on the printer and its settings. Compare Canvasa properties on Form and Printer

SpiritS   (2002-10-31 12:19) [4]

I understand that it depends on the printer and its settings. I just want to know the real sheet size in pixels, how many 21.0 cm =? pixel, 29.7 cm =? pixel To later set the width / height of the TdbRichEdit component roughly and anyone could then edit the text in the Blob field and not be afraid that it would go beyond the borders of the sheet.

ЮЮ   (2002-10-31 12:26) [5]

Indicates the conversion factor between logical inches and the pixels of the device (printer or screen) using the font.

Compare Form.Canvas.Font and Printer.Canvas.Font
See Printer.PageHeight, Printer.PageWidth

I have no ready-made solution :-(

SpiritS   (2002-10-31 13:28) [6]

Thank. I'll see it now.

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Forum: "Bases";
Current archive: 2002.11.21;
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