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using BitBlt and CreateBitmap Find similar branches

Winnie!   (2001-11-01 19:50) [0]

2001 DOS-> GDI-> DrectDraw-> OpenGL
2001 is in the yard, and I program everything under DOS graphics. Need to go over

under Win32. I decided to deal with GDI first before moving on to

DrectDraw, OpenGL.

1. I need to create a buffer in my memory where I will draw my

image, and from where I will copy it to the screen (to the window) .NO,

as far as I know:

If you create a buffer using the CreateDibBitmap function, it will have

simple structure (3 bytes of RGB per pixel, it seems?), so it's easy there

draw with your own algorithms. But BitBlt requires bit

the cards in SrcDC and DestDc had a compatible format, and suddenly the DIB is not

compatible with my window's DC?

If you create a buffer using the CreateComptibleBitmap function, it’s not clear

how is it arranged and how to draw there (with its own algorithms)?

2.BitBlt copies a bitmap from one DC to another. It turns out that

after creating the DC of my window, I have to create another DC (SrcDC). From

what HWND I ask him, I will create and why it will not be

visible on the screen (i.e. how to do this)?

How are DC and BitMap connected?
3: What to do with the received BitMap ID after the call

Create [...] Bitmap?

You can use some simple example with Create [...] Bitmap and BitBlt,

like the banal output of a moving square into the window (first

pixel by pixel into the buffer, then onto the screen)
(in any language, preferably under TASM32)

already read these questions:
Display on the form of graphics from memory (Ewgeniy [Profile] [Send mail] 31.10.01 09: 39)
what is the source for the BITBLT API function (MIFI [Send Email] 28.10.01 15: 17)

Иван Шихалев   (2001-11-01 20:09) [1]

MemDC: = CreateComatibleDC (...); Bitmap: = CreateDIBitmap (...); OldBitmap: = SelectObject (MemDC, Bitmap); ................... BitBlt (...) ................... Bitamp: = SelectObject (MemDC, OldBitmap); DeleteDC (MemDC);

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Forum: "WinAPI";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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how to find the name of the loaded Dll

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Super Delphi Reference -2. Your opinion, please.

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Development of a specific project against the competition program.

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