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Pantero   (2001-11-03 23:59) [0]

How can I contact (get data) from Edit "a. Tell me which handle is needed ???

Mbo   (2001-11-04 01:15) [1]

You can simply Astring: = Edit1.text;
if through the API, then
var h: HWND;
h: = Edit1.Handle;
and further what is needed

Evgeny   (2001-11-05 07:38) [2]

You can:

LONG SendDlgItemMessage (
HWND hDlg, // handle of dialog box
int nIDDlgItem, // identifier of control
UINT Msg, // message to send
WPARAM wParam, // first message parameter
LPARAM lParam // second message parameter

Or so:

LRESULT SendMessage (
HWND hWnd, // handle of destination window
UINT Msg, // message to send
WPARAM wParam, // first message parameter
LPARAM lParam // second message parameter

specify WM_GETTEXT as Msg
or you can do this:

int GetWindowText (
HWND hWnd, // handle of window or control with text
LPTSTR lpString, // address of buffer for text
int nMaxCount // maximum number of characters to copy

In general, choose which is more suitable.

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Forum: "WinAPI";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
Download: [xml.tar.bz2];


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