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sedoy   (2001-10-11 14:09) [0]

The situation is as follows.
In the office, a local area network with Internet access through a proxy on unix.
Two workplaces: one in the office LAN, the other on the provider's modem. The application transfers everything correctly from the office to the modem, but data does not get from the modem to the office. The application is for voice communication, but I think it is unprincipled. The problem is in IP routing. Tell me what actions you need to perform on the proxy to provide feedback. Thank...

Wonder   (2001-10-11 15:48) [1]

But is it - this routing? In terms of packet forwarding present?

sedoy   (2001-10-12 11:43) [2]

the fact is that I am in the server settings for the Internet an absolute layman.
If not difficult, describe structurally the algorithm for solving the problem / routing settings - what should be there. thank

Wonder   (2001-10-12 16:20) [3]

Hmm And who set it up?
To start, ping from an internal network some host on the Internet. If it works out, then there is forwarding and routing from the local network to the outside is configured. If this does not work, then go to / proc / sys / net / ipv4 / ip_forward and write what is there.

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Forum: "Networks";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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