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Kryptin Phreek   (2001-10-11 19:43) [0]

Can I misunderstand something, explain ok?
I started doing chat for LAN (I know that it’s beaten, but I love learning from my mistakes). So, how to find out what computers are in LAN, and not only in my slave. group, but in all?
Can we have an IPA procedure that unloads all working groups and all computers in them? rummaged in win32api.hlp - did not find ...

Dimka Maslov   (2001-10-12 10:41) [1]

> Kriptin Phreek
I have a program for searching for computers and workgroups on the network. I can send it.

Dimka Maslov   (2001-10-12 14:15) [2]

Sources with an example are put in the pantry:


Kryptin Phreek   (2001-10-13 08:17) [3]

Thank! Cool! It works!!!

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Forum: "Networks";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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1 - 22087
2001-12-19 15:14
People, quite an easy question! Link to the procedure in one word.

7 - 22445
2001-09-21 19:03
Record to dll

6 - 22306
2001-10-09 12:57
The activation of the old window of the program is running 2-oh time!

1 - 22085
2001-12-19 15:24
How to read command line options

6 - 22275
2001-10-08 12:43
How can I send a chmod command to a Linux server via TNMFTP?

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