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Help network dropout! Please do Find similar branches

SB   (2001-10-01 15:05) [0]

I looked through this whole trade, but did not find a solution to my problem, or simply for lack of experience in this area, I simply did not understand. I downloaded the recommended Indy component package, but all these TCP and other servers only added sweeps to me. The task is simple. There are two modems, a telephone line. The client application calls the known modem number of the server machine. The connection is being established. The client sends a small file to the server, it accepts it, and if it has reached all, it sends a file or a response to the client that everything is OK, it disconnects. No secrecy is required, any NetBEUI protocols at least the same TCP / IP. The main thing is simplicity and reliability. Of course, I understand with the mind that everything is quite simple, but since I have never dealt with it, I don’t know how to approach the problem. I would be grateful if they would direct me along the right path or poke my nose on a well-known example in the same Indy or somewhere else.

WichMaster   (2001-10-04 22:48) [1]

I actually have the same task, only the connection is going
over a simple telephone line. I do like this:
First, through the TAPI functions, I establish a connection, and then
through Communication functions, i.e. direct function
work with COM port.
The only serious catch I have is receiving packets
information. Departure passes, but with the reception tight. But you can
to try, maybe you will succeed.

SB   (2001-10-05 08:24) [2]

I took the simplest example of the interaction of the TidTCPClient and TidTCPServer components (from the Indy library), everything seems to work, but the connection is not always called up, you have to manually establish the connection and then start the connection between the applications. In principle, I decided to use this library after all, I don’t want to work directly with ports. Although there may be a homespun truth in this, it would be interesting to see the text of the program.

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Forum: "Networks";
Current archive: 2002.01.08;
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