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Oleg_swap   (2001-09-20 19:13) [0]

Hi people !!!

The question may not be substantive, but still ...
Maybe someone knows how to run the program on the network on another computer, what programs can eat for this, or else I'm tired of running somewhere.
PS: all cars on win2k.

vasco   (2001-09-21 02:00) [1]

The easiest way is probably to make a server that is listening on IP on a specific port, and if it receives a command, it performs certain actions (for example, it overloads the server). The advantage of this option is that the user on the remote machine may not have any special permissions ...

Я   (2001-09-21 03:11) [2]

And even easier to hang a program that periodically
checks for a batch file in a specific directory
and performs it.

In general, Win2k has its own network management capabilities.

Tosov   (2001-09-21 04:44) [3]

Try the AT command - execute a command on computers through the task scheduler
(from under LocalSystem account)

aus   (2001-09-21 13:33) [4]

There are components on the FastNet tab that receive (send) messages over the network. Using them, you can simply write a server and client, send commands, etc.

Вячеслав   (2001-09-21 14:31) [5]

Well, generally without programming - using pcAnyware :)

wHammer   (2001-09-21 16:48) [6]

I fully agree with Vyacheslav, install pcAnywhere and you can not only run programs. Well, if you need a remote administration program, then write to e-mail, I’m doing this now, as I can, I will help.

snd   (2001-09-22 00:26) [7]

Remote Administrator ver. 2.11 - www.cnet.com

better than pcAnyware, besides 1.3 Mb instead of 34 Mb
after the trial does not stop working

Tosov   (2001-09-23 06:11) [8]

Remote Administrator ver. 2.11 - www.cnet.com

And why is this necessary ??? it’s possible to work with RAdmin on someone else’s computer (you’d better move it to see what’s happening there), and launching files is an addition ... You still advise Windows NT Terminal Server - you can also run programs ...

AKV   (2001-09-24 05:12) [9]

In addition, grunted to version 2.1

tomas2001   (2001-09-24 14:37) [10]

In Delphi, there are two components - ServerCocket and ClientSocket ....
I can reset the example, do not mind .... (does just what you need)

Oleg_swap   (2001-09-25 18:04) [11]

Thank you all !!!

Exactly, I just need to run my made server on a remote
to the car (so as not to run there directly), and the rest is already in delphi !!!

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