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Tell me plz, What is the reason that when creating a distribution kit, the program does not react at all Find similar branches

Gelios   (2002-01-02 08:41) [0]

When transferred to another computer, the program does not respond at all, :(
The program uses databases,
I already included all components in the distribution kit, it still does not help :(

Desdechado   (2002-01-02 10:43) [1]

not responding to what?
does not start? not connected to the database? not behaving as intended?

maybe put BDE, huh? Or configure aliases in it?

Gelios   (2002-01-02 12:04) [2]

when you start the program, no reaction, absolutely,
though an hourglass appears on the cursor for a short while

Desdechado   (2002-01-03 12:10) [3]

Do you have access to window controls?
What is done when creating (displaying) the main form?

maybe you ask a more specific question? there are not telepaths sitting yet

Gelios   (2002-01-03 12:34) [4]

No windows appear, nothing at all,
no messages, no errors,
zero reaction
So I ask why

maxi   (2002-01-03 12:54) [5]

Wait a minute. Doesn’t anything appear at all? And how do you determine that a program has generally started?
and another question: does she use dll?

maxi   (2002-01-03 13:02) [6]

And one more thing: I recently had such a glitch - you run the distribution installation program, and she will show you the clock and that's it. And it was not in the list of tasks. Here. It worked for me on Windows2000. I reinstalled it - Windu2000 and everything is OK. And before that, the virtual SD program did not start. I didn’t want to put a virtual SD in the system and that’s it!
So .... it all starts with the OS. I used to think that something happened to me with distributors (and only with some), but demolished Windu, installed it again - and it all plows.

panov   (2002-01-03 13:37) [7]

Some installers have a bug in Win2000.
To install, use the directory described in the TEMP environment variable, which, in turn, is installed in the user profile.

Some installation programs do not work with long directories with Russian letters in their names.

In the profile of the current user, indicate your temporary directory.
Just try to do this first not under the name "Administrator".

Demonk   (2002-01-04 11:20) [8]

panov is right. When installing W2000, I usually immediately start a new user with administrator rights, I register the username only in Latin letters and after that everything works fine.

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Forum: "System";
Current archive: 2002.04.01;
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